7 Ways to Make Friends ...

By Holly

What is life without friends. And yet, some of us find it incredibly hard to make new friends, right? Thanks to Holly and her easy tips, you'll be well on your way to surrounding yourself with new friends! Thanks Holly!

Who doesn’t love making friends? Whether you want to meet new people or finally start talking to that hot guy in your class, there are simple things you can do. So if you want to expand your social circle, try out these easy tips.

1 Alone

You know how dating columns always tell you to be approachable? Friends work like that as well. I had a buddy in one of my classes who I would talk to religiously. He’s been absent two days this semester and I made a new friend both times. When I was actually on my own, available to talk, people approached me. Speaking of which…

2 Don’t Isolate

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a friend around, you don’t always have to focus on them. If there are others around, involve them in conversation. Or, if you’re shy, try talking to your friend about something everyone has an opinion about (the season finale of Walking Dead, for instance). Others might overhear you and jump into your debate over whether Rick or Daryl is sexier.

3 Fangirl

Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve--err shirt. Sports fans do it all the time. Buy some clothes on RedBubble and wear them around campus. I’ve been complimented on my Sherlock apparel by some pretty hot guys. Trust me, the money will be worth it.

4 Get to Class Early

Getting to your classes early can do more than make your professors happy. There’s sure to be a few other people scattered across the room and instead of sitting in awkward silence, it’s your chance to start up a conversation. If they seem involved in work, it’s best to wait for another day. But if they’re staring mindlessly at their phone or scrolling down Facebook you could save them from their boredom.

5 Smile!

This is an oldie, but a goodie. It may feel strange to smile at strangers, but it’ll soon become a habit. Don’t fret about being considered strange. The people who smile back will make up for all the ones who don’t. A friendly face is memorable and could lead the way to a future friendship.

6 Internet

If you’re antisocial, you may feel more comfortable online than in person. Check out any websites affiliated with your work or school. My university has multiple fb pages, some of which are designed to make friends. If none exist, make the page yourself. Others like you will be thankful for the effort.

7 Go out

School clubs are great ways to meet others with similar interests. Plus, they’re free! But if you have a bit of cash, try going to your favorite bands’ concert. You’ll meet tons of people who love them as much as you do and they just might introduce you to other bands you’ll enjoy.

If you’re ever feeling lonely, these tips could be your cure. Making new friends is always a mood brightener. How did you meet your best friend? Any interesting stories?

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