17 Types of Friends Every Lady Needs to Have in Life ...


17 Types of Friends Every Lady Needs to Have in Life ...
17 Types of Friends Every Lady Needs to Have in Life ...

Friends are vital for a happy life. Even if you're an introvert or a legitimate loner at heart, you know that your friends make your life richer and more fulfilling, right? You don't need an enormous circle of friends – unless that's what you want, of course. There's no magic number, is the point, and every individual is happy with different friend groups. The point is, you do need your friends. Young women with supportive friend groups thrive so much, especially when their friends are widely varied, diverse, and capable of sharing different perspectives – like these pals.

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The Friend Who Hustles

person, abdomen, singer, This friend is mad successful and she never stops. She does what she has to do to get what she wants in life. She never rests on her laurels, she always pushes herself to be better, and she'll push you, too – that's why you need her in your life.


The Friend Who Won't B.S. You

The Friend Who Won't B.S. You True friends won't feed you a line of bull, anyway … but a lot of them will try to spare your feelings at different points. Not this friend, though. She's not about that B.S.


The Brutally Honest Friend

The Brutally Honest Friend And this friend? This friend will tell you the truth even when it's mean, even when it hurts, even when you don't want to hear it. You need to hear that kind of truth sometimes, and eventually, you'll treasure this friend for telling you.


The Caregiver

The Caregiver Sometimes you just need to be taken care of, nurtured, and coddled. Sometimes, this friend is just the person to do that for you.


The Free Spirit

The Free Spirit Life's stressful. You need a free spirit friend who eschews all the shackles of modern society. S/he might be a little flaky sometimes, but that's cool.


The Polar opposite Friend

The Polar opposite Friend Opposites attract, right? Even if it's not always true in matters of love, it's true in matters of friendship. A friend who's your exact opposite can give you a different perspective and keep your life exciting.


The Lazy Friend

The Lazy Friend I mean, a friend who's happy to lounge around on the weekends sometimes, ordering takeout and watching Netflix. That's such a great friend.


The Philosophical Friend

The Philosophical Friend You might not always agree with those philosophies, you might not even understand all of them, but a thoughtful, spiritual friend will also help you see things differently.


The Fashionista

The Fashionista I know this may seem shallow, but it's really not. It's good to have a friend who always looks polished and dressed to the nines because there will be many, many, many times in your life when you legitimately need fashion advice. You need to have someone on hand to ask.


The Crap Friend

The Crap Friend Oh, yes. You need a bad friend – to help you see what real friendship truly is.


The Guy Friend

The Guy Friend One good male friend is essential. It can balance things, provide perspective, and it's different from having female friends – but not as different as you might think.


The Social Diva

The Social Diva Even if you're not a social butterfly yourself, you need a friend who loves to paint the town red – and you need to help her paint it occasionally.


The Spiritual Friend

The Spiritual Friend This friend will soothe you when you need it, provide insights, and generally help you work through problems – especially those pesky existential crises.


The Fit Friend

The Fit Friend You need at least one friend who motivates you to eat healthily and stay active. Trust me, it helps.


The Funny Friend

screenshot, interaction, This friend will keep you laughing when you need it most, and even when you don't. You'll spend hours together, laughing at things no one else will understand.


The Cynical Friend

The Cynical Friend I am the cynical friend. Speaking for myself, we keep everyone from getting too bubbly. Sorry. We're necessary, though.


The Ride or Die Friend

face, mouth, screenshot, Often, your ride or die friend – your bestie, your person, your soul mate pal – encompasses many of these other friends. This is the friend you can rely on for anything.

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When you have a friend that have almost all those qualities

😂 I guess I'd never have so many friends.. but i think some of my fds have more than one of these characteristics

How does the ride or die friend cope with a friend who's the opposite?... 😐

Whart iifff


Lol or me! Lol I am all this and more lol.


I dont have a friend friend

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