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9 Types of Friendships to Value and Cherish ...

By Ceri

Friendship is one of the most important parts of life and there are many types of friendships that we all have. I personally find friends to be family that you chose and don’t for a second believe that blood is thicker than water. I have never been one to have just one circle of friends, and I value the different types of friendships I have.

Table of contents:

  1. Old friends
  2. New friends
  3. Colleagues
  4. Older friends
  5. Maternal friends
  6. Younger friends
  7. Housemates
  8. Pets!
  9. Men!

1 Old Friends

Topping the list of types of friendships to cherish are old friends. I’m lucky enough to have had friends who I’ve known since before my first birthday, other collected throughout primary and secondary school. Now at 24, I love the fact that the people I grew up with are still my main circle of friends and I cherish them like family. Who knows you better that someone you’ve shared your life, your mistakes, your laughs, your tears with? Who can light up your day better than someone who's seen you become the person you are today?

2 New Friends

We all make new friends along the way, and we may perhaps be slightly guarded when we have only just met someone. But it’s safe to say, sometimes, you click with a new friend and feel like you’ve known them forever! These friendships keep you fresh and bright, and even if they fizzle as soon as they form, we can always create memories and learn. And besides, sometimes new friendships last and become old friendships!

3 Colleagues

Despite being burned by confusing the boundaries of work and play, the truth is, in many cases you spend more time with colleagues than anyone else. It’s inevitable that you form strong relationships with these people. I do, however, advise caution when forming friendships at work. I have made some fantastic friends through the world of work, who make me exited to get to work on a Monday morning and engage in week long banter. Truth be told, some of my closest friends are colleagues or ex-colleagues….as are some of my biggest “friendship mistakes”…!!!

4 Older Friends

Being the only girl in my family, I have quite a few “big sister” type friends whom I love madly! They are some of my most treasured friends. They are fun, great to turn to for advice, for a shoulder to cry on and just for loyalty. Don’t assume that if there are a few years between you and an individual that a friendship is unlikely.

5 Maternal Friends

Some friends whom I could not live without are the maternal figures. I have a couple of women who have quite a maternal role in my life. They give me advice, they tell me off. They guide me and scold me. But above all else, they are my friends. Although there is a maternal type of respect, they are my friends first, meaning that no topic of conversation is off limits. I would be lost without these friendships!

6 Younger Friends

Much like the “older sister” type friends that I cherish is the flip side, the younger sister type friendship. To me, age is irrelevant, and I have people in my life a few years younger than I am. I love being able to play the big sister, to offer lessons I’ve learned (usually the hard way!) and to spoil her whenever I can. But, I also love that the friendship keeps me young too.

7 Housemates

My university days were spectacular due to my housemates! Many a day and night was spent lounging in the house with people who soon became some of my best friends. I have previously written about the joys of living with strangers and the bonds I made during the years spent with these ladies and there is a part of me that thinks, only these people will ever truly know me, and me them – a very valuable and cherished friendship!

8 Pets!

Now please don’t roll your eyes or think I’m mad – okay, I am, but still, a dog is known as a man’s best friend for good reason. Loyal, loving, trustworthy (I tell my Bonnie all my secrets) and a sure way to bring a smile to your face. I once heard someone say “be the person your dog thinks you are.” Think about it, who thinks you’re as amazing as your dog does?

9 Men!

Oh I love being friends with men! My man is my best friend (one of, girls!). Banter with men is harmless. Having a tomboy side, I love the cheeky leg pulling, the boyish insults without fear of offense and if all else fails, bettering my understanding of the elusive male psyche!

The love felt for friendships is as powerful as any other love, if not more so – I would walk through fire for my closest friends (and my Spaniel!). What type of friendships do you love? Share this article with your buddies to show your appreciation for them!

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