8 Ways to Maintain Long Distance Friendships ...


It's a hard truth, but as you get older, your friends may move further and further from you and you have to learn ways to maintain long distance friendships. In many of our lives, there will come a point where we all need to make a move, whether it's for college, a new job, or even a love interest. Just like any other long-term relationship, a friendship separated by distance can be hard to maintain. However, you can help make your friendship better than ever by following these 7 ways to maintain long distance friendships!

1. Send Daily Snapchat Photos

This way to maintain long distance friendships is definitely the one that will make you laugh the most. My best friend from my hometown made me download this free mobile app called 'Snapchat' the last time I came to visit her. Basically, 'Snapchat' is the fastest way to share a photo moment on your iPhone or Android device, being up to 10x faster than sending an MMS. Best of all, you get to control how long you want your friends to view your messages and it will even let you know if they try to take a screenshot! This way, you can send funny faces or embarrassing moments for just your friends to see without running the risk of other people seeing them too. You can also add a caption to your photo or draw on it. My friend and I have been having so much fun with this app so far and it's a great way to get a laugh from each other throughout the day!

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