7 Ways to Prevent Bullying ...


7 Ways to Prevent Bullying ...
7 Ways to Prevent Bullying ...

Thousands of teens are ridiculed and made fun of everyday, and it is natural to think that there aren’t any ways to prevent bullying. Hearing about bullying has become too common with teens and it can be extremely stressing to think, "Am I next?" If you are one of these teens who constantly finds yourself worrying about this, then here are some helpful ways to prevent bullying, not only in your school but everywhere you go! You might not be able to wipe out bullying completely, but you can definitely help stop yourself and others from having to deal with the constant threat of being bullied.

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Have a Positive Relationship with Others

Being friendly with everyone in your class or in other places where you socialize can be tough. It isn’t surprising that you might have a few people that you aren’t particularly fond of. However, if you are friendly and kind with them, they will have less of a reason to want to bully you and other teens. This is a simple and easy, and one of the best ways to prevent bullying... and you might even find yourself becoming closer with your classmates!


Accept People Who Are Different

Everyone is different and unique in their own special way. If we were all the same how boring would life be? Unfortunately, being different can sometimes attract some unwanted attention and bullying is often the product of it. This way of preventing bullying starts with acceptance. If you accept people who are different and show everyone else that being different is better than going with the crowd, then maybe everyone else will realize that different is cool!


Form Clubs

Many schools offer clubs that support anti-bullying and try to find new and effective ways to prevent bullying. Joining clubs against bullying strengthen the anti-bullying feeling throughout your school and help make people aware of the issue. It is easy to join a club already made and if your school doesn’t offer one then start your own!


Don’t Gossip

Bullying is often started because of gossip. One lie turns into another and so on and so forth. If you think that the people you are talking about can‘t hear you, that probably won’t be true in a couple of days. An easy way to prevent bullying before it starts is to simply not talk about others behind their backs and treat them how you’d like to be treated.


Don’t Be a Bystander

Watching someone getting bullied can be just as bad as doing the bullying yourself. If you see a fight break out or it appears that someone is deliberately intimidating a vulnerable classmate, don’t be afraid to step in and get help! This prevention tip can go a long way by stopping the bullying as it takes place. Plus, when other people see you do something about it, chances are they’ll want to help too!


Be a Good Example

Many times teenagers tend to follow what other teenagers do. So being kind to other classmates and not bullying can go farther than you think! Always try to do what you know is right and try to inform your friends of ways to prevent bullying too!


Befriend the "Outsiders"

Every school has labels and sometimes teens get thrown into the group of "outsiders." These kids tend to be the main targets of bullies because they don’t have a friend to hold onto. Befriending other kids who aren’t part of the in-crowd is another easy way to prevent bullying. Not only will you deter bullies but you’ll make your new friend’s life happier and might even make yourself a little happier too!

Dealing with bullying in school and social places can be tough and preventing it can seem even tougher. But being able to take a stand and make a difference is definitely worth giving it a try! Are there any ways to prevent bullying I missed? Do you know of any other helpful ways to prevent bullying?

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tricky thing - bulling is whole community problem not just a school - all the films on TV how to bull others "bad" or "not bad" guys. Politicians are bulling each other. Countries are bulling each others, Parents are bulling kids ... Even whole "unti bulling" campaign now is clear bulling of bulling - it just make it worse. The only way to fight that to talk about alternative - respect and taking care of each others

None of this really works true bullies will still be mean it really doesn't help to be nice cause then you make them look stupid and that will tick them off. You really eaither have to show them who is boss or tell someone to get them in trouble to show you will not take it

Like that chick Meagan said...

@Edmarie pretty much. XD

Actually kids who are bulling was not born like that - they was taught to do that via TV, News, Parents, ... even teachers ...

Bullying can't be prevented because you have to explain to the BULLIES why it's wrong. And you can't use the 'it hurts their feelings' but because they OBVIOUSLY don't care or else they would have stopped. Bullying can't be stopped unless you make the bully feel just as bad as the victim, which means you're the bully.

This is so hypocritical. You said accept those who are different and then you said befriend the "outsiders"... By befriending the "outsiders" you aren't accepting people who are different.

@Megan I think she only met outside of normalcy.

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