7 Tips for Ditching Social Media and Getting Closer ...


7 Tips for Ditching Social Media and Getting Closer ...
7 Tips for Ditching Social Media and Getting Closer ...

When was the last time you thought about ditching social media? While apps and technology can make life seem much easier- you can be the life of the party from your sofa, or check your emails in bed- your real life can easily be neglected in favor of the online world. It’s thought that social media is responsible for a lack of intimacy in relationships, and that’s a worrying thought. So here’s how to avoid the problem by ditching social media.

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Try to Keep a Schedule…

Do you have a blog? Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe regularly update a blog, either to build a readership, as a way of expressing themselves or just to provide updates on life. Writing can take a lot of time, though, and waiting on comments, perfecting templates or perfecting that post can take up valuable time that you should be spending together. You don’t need to be considering ditching social media completely; your blog can be excellent therapy, but make sure you are making time for your partner and family too. Try scheduling blogging time into your day, to keep it under control and make sure you do have face-to-face time with your nearest and dearest.


Avoid the Urge to Check in…

Checking in on FourSquare certainly has its benefits: you can get access to discount vouchers and reviews, and even get tips on what to order and what to avoid. Sitting down for a meal with your partner and immediately getting your phone out can kill the romance, though. It’s thought that 30% of people check their phones during a meal, and people aged between 35 and 44 are the worst offenders. Put your phone away, and focus on your food and your company. You can always check in outside, before you go in, if you must!


Keep Online Games in Check…

Words with Friends and Scrabble online can be great. They keep your brain sharp, let you interact with friends and can be a lifesaver when you’re waiting for something…but make sure you are only playing when it’s suitable. Hilarious accounts of people sneaking out of bed or interrupting romantic evenings to sneak a word in are becoming more and more common, and it can be seriously insulting to the person you’re with. Play when you’re bored, but don’t skip real life for it. Games will wait!


Choose Friends Carefully…

Facebook recently became one of the most frequently cited reasons for attending couple counseling or divorcing, and if you think about it, it’s not surprising. Before Facebook, your past stayed in the past. Now it’s almost effortless to find that old crush, or your first boyfriend, or old friends you had feelings for. A friend request and some cheeky pokes might start innocently enough, but after exchanging messages and texting, you can easily become mighty close to emotional infidelity. Think about who you are adding, and why. Temptation and curiosity can cause serious issues!


Use Your Tablet Right…

If you’ve got a tablet, you’ll probably find that you use it a lot. From reading books and magazines to browsing the web, chatting with friends, checking emails…there’s so much to do that you’ll probably use your tablet intermittently throughout the day. A problem? It can be, if your partner or family feel neglected for an electronic device. Having an evening a week without tablets is a great idea, and sending flirty messages from your tablet is sure to help, too…


Live the Moment…

Instagram is fantastic. Even imperfect images can be transformed into masterpieces, and it’s a quick-and-easy way to keep a record of what you are doing, and let other users view and comment. Taking photographs is actually a known way to distance yourself from an event, though: you might have the memories, but you won’t have the experience. Live first, and photograph second. And if your pictures aren’t perfect, touch them up later.


Talk to the People You’re with…

I love Twitter (and Pinterest!) so the idea of ditching social media is one that I dislike immensely. Done wrong, though, Twitter can take a huge amount of your time for next to no benefit. Chatting to celebrities or strangers and giving your opinion on events or questions can be emotionally draining, and it doesn’t help to develop real relationships. Make sure any time you spend on social media is in addition to social time with your family and friends, and don’t make the mistake of thinking you know everything about them. If you need information, try your friends first.

Ditching social media completely is almost unthinkable now that we are so embedded in it. From breaking news to family photographs and everything in between, 2013 is all about the social. But make sure your social media efforts aren’t replacing time spent with the people who love you, and the people who truly matter. Got a tip on keeping the intimacy alive? I’d love to hear it!

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Most people on FB who I list as friends, don't seem interested in talking with me anyway. I just look at other's pictures, but sometimes they just end up haunting me. I'd love to have others to hang out with if they were willing.

I feel like people only have FB to stalk others lives or show off their. I have my social media but lately I get less and less interested in getting on them.

Deactivating my Facebook and twitter account is the best decision I ever made. Knowing about people's business on there is so draining and such a waste of time! More time to focus on things that really matters in life

I only have Facebook for game friends whom I've known for at least 3 years. I met them on MySpace games & since MS is no longer a popular social network almost everyone's migrated to FB. I'm veryyyy selective in who I accept however. I delete all the time because of cliques, creeps & nosey people. I'm not as much a game player these days so FB bores me. I do not have a FB for friends or family. Too much drama & everyone is so nosey. I'm happy just with game friends. I have them from all over the world & it's nice to just say hello :)

I deactivated my FB account a little over a month ago and I love it. I was spending way too much time on it and when I did, it only made me feel bad, so I thought why not get rid of it?! My real friends know how to get hold of me

@Amy - i just said the same today. I was talking to a gf about who she invited to her engagement party and asked if i had spoken with any of the mentioned people and i was like not since I got rid of facebook honestly!! - i realized how much smaller my circle of friends became after it went!

I have been enjoying life so much more since i deactivated my FB account.

Every now and then i think of deleting my facebook, but often days go by and I get the feeling no one's interested in my world :/ I text my select few friends from time to time, cause they're the ones I love and think about the most. I know they're busy studying and working and all, but I cherish the time I get to spend with them ^_^

Love not having the book!!!!!!

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