7 Easy Ways to Be More Social ...


7 Easy Ways to Be More Social ...
7 Easy Ways to Be More Social ...

If you’ve been spending your lunch periods hiding in a bathroom stall, these easy ways to be more social can help! Sometimes, all it takes is a friendly smile to attract a group of potential pals. With these 7 tips, you’ll be happily chatting over cups of hot cocoa with the girls in no time.

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Take Care of Yourself

One of the first ways to be more social is to look and feel your best. Without proper care and attention, your social skills can suffer. Think of it this way: Would you have the courage to strike up a conversation with someone when your hair’s a mess and your sweats are stained and baggy? Probably not. But if you’re donning your favorite fall dress and riding boots, you’ll feel confident (and more likely to talk to the cool kids in town).



Don’t save those bright, flashy smiles for your Facebook profile shot. Showing off your pearly whites can make you seem more approachable, especially if you’re the new girl at school. And psychologists at University of Cardiff in Wales even found that when you frown less, you’re more likely to feel happier. Do you need another reason to turn that frown upside down?


Don’t Be Evasive

A great way to be more social is to keep in touch with your acquaintances. Instead of letting connections fade out, take the time to nurture budding friendships. You can easily do this through social media, texts, phone calls, or letters –with the multitudes of communication methods at our fingertips, there’s no excuse not to stay in touch. And if you happen to see an old friend at the mall, don’t turn the other way (even if you’re having a bad hair day). Believe me, she’ll notice. Awkward!


Keep It Positive

Your coworker just chopped off her long locks and donated them to a charity for cancer patients. Now’s the perfect time to compliment her on her cute new bob. While you should avoid lying or piling on the praise (liking her outfit is sweet; liking her outfit, headband, coffee mug, and Post-It notes is overdoing it), you want to appear like a warm, friendly person. There’s a reason why ice queens live alone in frozen palaces!


Don’t Be a Flake

A surefire way to be more social is to stick to your plans. Lots of times, you’ll feel tempted to retreat to your room after a long day, but cancelling on your buddies again and again is flaky. I’ve almost never regretted changing into heels and a mini and hitting the town with the girls. Remember: Sunday mornings are for sleeping in after fun and fabulous Saturday nights!


Get It Together

When I was a sophomore in college, I felt lost and confused in a vast city. After befriending a group of girls that was anything but good for me, my social skills plummeted. It was only after breaking out on my own and realizing my self-worth that I began to meet people who shared my values and interests. Once I had my life together (not entirely, but for the most part), a meaningful social life followed.


Lighten up

One last way to be more social is to stop beating yourself up over every little mistake you make! We tend to be our own toughest critics, so try not to obsess over every awkward hand motion you made while talking to the cute guy sitting next to you at the movie theater. By focusing on what you did right, you’ll build yourself up for the next time you meet a hottie.

These are 7 of the top ways to be more social. Which tips will you use? Do you have any of your own to add?

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OH my goodness, I have a hard time making a conversation with the group of friends at the restaurant. Was the worst! I have hard time understanding their accents and I'm the only Hispanic girl in their group ): wish I can understand them. To be honest, I have a hard time making new friends n start making conversation. Help!

maybe we will have more friends if we do this..... (via Twitter)

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