7 Tips on How Not to Compare Yourself with Others ...


7 Tips on How Not to Compare Yourself with Others ...
7 Tips on How Not to Compare Yourself with Others ...

Are you wondering how not to compare yourself with others? We do this a lot, and it is always to our own detriment. You need to stop comparing yourself with others for the good of your own self-worth. After all, you can't flatter yourself, as that's egotistical, right? Well, it doesn't do any good to compare yourself negatively to other people, and besides, you may be doing so for the wrong reasons. Here are some great ways to stop comparing yourself to other people.

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Why Are They Better?

If you frequently compare yourself to other people, and consider that you just can't measure up to them, then ask yourself the following question: what is it that makes them better than you? Is it because they are richer, or famous? Chances are there's nothing that makes them better than you - the comparison exists only in your head.


All That Glitters

When you need to remember how not to compare yourself with others, bear this in mind. Just because they seem to be so much better off than you does not mean that this is true. That big house may have been bought on a massive mortgage that keeps them awake at night, or their lovely husband may be cheating. Appearances can be very deceptive.


They May Envy You!

Another tip on how not to compare yourself with others is that the people you see as better than you may actually envy things about you! Maybe they wish they had your intelligence, your ability to cope with problems, or your lovely hair. The fact is that you have no idea what is going on in their head - they probably have just as many insecurities about themselves as you do!


As Good as Anyone

This is one of the reasons it's so important to stop comparing yourself with others. One thing that we forget is that we are just as good as anyone else. Nobody is superior to another person, so don't feel that you aren't as good as other people. Give yourself credit for what you have achieved and your good qualities, and don't waste time feeling inferior.


Don't Be Self-Critical

We really can be our own worst critics - I often think that nobody is as harsh about us as we are on ourselves! When looking for ways to stop comparing yourself to other people, remember not to be so critical of yourself, as that is what makes us feel that we are not as good as anyone else.


Move Forward

Rather than spending a lot of time feeling that you're worth less than other people, start moving forward instead. Feeling that you're not good enough keeps you stuck in the same place, and stops you developing as a person. It's time to move on - change your way of thinking, and start seeing yourself as equal to everyone else.


We Are All Worthwhile

Knowing how not to compare yourself with others means seeing yourself as a valuable human being. Everyone has something to offer, if they choose to, so work out what your talents and qualities are, and make good use of them. We are all deserving of our place on this earth, so appreciate yourself.

The problem with comparing yourself to others is that it usually makes you feel bad about yourself. I want you to stop comparing yourself with others right now. There's no sense in wishing to have what others have - we can't all achieve the same things. It's far more productive to work towards what you want, and learn to value the qualities that you have. Have you learned any useful tips on how not to compare yourself with others?

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Tip 8: don't compare yourself to anyone! God made you perfect and in his image. We may mess up and have hardships but if you step back from all the selfish hatred you can see the different blessings every person is granted each day. If you don't believe in The Lord, the concept still applies. Be proud of who you are.Everyone has insecurities (with such a judging society scrutinizing each breath we take, OF COURSE WE DOUBT OUR BEAUTY!) but if you present yourself with confidence, the stronger your personal courage will grow. Fake it till you make it(;

My dad always said "I may not be better than people, but they're definitely not better than me." That always stayed in my head and i think it's important for girls to embrace each other more than we do now. This comparing and insulting one another is killig our confidence.

You have to love yourself and know what you're worth. Whenever you find yourself thinking something bad about yourself, immediately stop and replace with positive thoughts. :)

** pride will grow. Sometimes just fake it till you make it (;

This is great! :)

@Rachel, totally agree with fake it till make it! This is what kids do and it works for them :)

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