7 Tips on How Not to Compare Yourself with Others ...


Are you wondering how not to compare yourself with others? We do this a lot, and it is always to our own detriment. You need to stop comparing yourself with others for the good of your own self-worth. After all, you can't flatter yourself, as that's egotistical, right? Well, it doesn't do any good to compare yourself negatively to other people, and besides, you may be doing so for the wrong reasons. Here are some great ways to stop comparing yourself to other people.

1. Why Are They Better?

If you frequently compare yourself to other people, and consider that you just can't measure up to them, then ask yourself the following question: what is it that makes them better than you? Is it because they are richer, or famous? Chances are there's nothing that makes them better than you - the comparison exists only in your head.

All That Glitters
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