7 Positive Tips to Avoid Peer Pressure ...


7 Positive Tips to Avoid Peer Pressure ...
7 Positive Tips to Avoid Peer Pressure ...

Peer Pressure isn't a joke-it's very real for teens and adults alike. Teens are even more vulnerable to peer pressure, and it can get to the point where some teens are driven to the point of trying drugs and alcohol or other unhealthy habits because of it. It's important that we spread positive tips to avoid peer pressure! I've created a list with the very best possible tips for making sure that YOU can avoid peer pressure! Please keep on reading for some great tips that you will find useful and encouraging.

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Build Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a crucial component when it comes to avoiding peer pressure. When you have a good self image, you're less likely to give in when someone starts turning up the heat. You can build self-esteem by not cutting yourself down in front of others and feeling confident in your own skin. Surround yourself with positive role models to encourage this behavior!


Birds of a Feather

Ever heard the expression "Birds of a feather flock together"? It means that the same types of people will hang out together. So choose your friends wisely! If you have friends that are happy, confident with themselves and accept you for who you are, they will be less likely to try and pressure you into something that you don't feel comfortable doing.


Think of the Consequences

Everyone has a conscience. Some people have the ability to brush it away, but most people DO have a conscience. Sometimes when you find yourself in a situation where you start to cave into peer pressure, stop and think of the consequences. There are always consequences, and sometimes they can be more grave than others. So give every moment serious thought when you start feeling pressured.


Have a Good Friend

It always helps to have a trusted friend that you can talk things over with. Someone who is a positive influence and gives you good advice. Having someone you know you can trust to discuss things over with will be helpful when you start feeling pressure from your friends to do things you shouldn't do or don't want to do. It can be a friend or relative!


Follow Your Instincts

Many times, you can sense whether something is right or not. Peer pressure isn't always necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes having this kind of pressure can be good, in situations where you just need a little push to try somethings new or a little scary. But there are other times that pressure from your friends will lead to far more dangerous or unhealthy things, and those are the times you need to follow your instincts.


Be the Better Man

Peer pressure can leave you feeling like a loser or an idiot when you stand up to your peers and say no. But don't let this bother you! Think of it this way-you're the better man! You're the better man because you said no to drugs or drinking and driving. You're the better man because you refused to do something illegal or dishonest. So you're NOT a loser or an idiot, and trust me, someday you'll be glad you stood up for what was right!


Practice Standing Your Ground

If you're like me, you can find it hard to say no sometimes. I am sort of a people pleaser, and when it comes to offering my help, or being pushed around, it can be hard to say no at times for me. But being out on my own has taught me that you HAVE to stand up for yourself, not many other people will! Practice saying no, and standing up for what you believe. Eventually, it will come naturally!

As you can see, peer pressure will never completely go away. But you can make it a habit to just say no or avoid it altogether and you will see how easy it is to overcome it! Do you have any positive tips for avoiding peer pressure? Please comment below, we would love to hear from you! Peer pressure can be scary and hard to resist, so we all need a little help to avoid it.

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