9 Ways to Deal with Bullying at School ...


9 Ways to Deal with Bullying at School ...
9 Ways to Deal with Bullying at School ...

Bullying at School is sadly something that has become fairly common. With all of the peer pressure and constant negative feelings in kids school-aged, children tend to lash out. If you have a child that is constantly being bullied at school, there are lots of ways to deal with bullying at school so that your child is not constantly getting hurt. Below, I'm going to explore the top 9 ways to handle bullying at school and what you can do to help!

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Know the Type of Bully You're Dealing with

When you are dealing with bullying at school, you want to know what type of bully you are dealing with. Whether it is a cyber bully who is harassing your child online, an aggressive who is harming your child physically or a taunting bully who is verbally abusive. Out of all of these three, the most common is cyber bullying because it is easier and kids tend to find it more effective. This is where you, as the parent needs to step in.


Constantly Check in

If you are aware of your child dealing with bullying at school, you want to check in with them. This means that talking to them, having long conversations with them about the bullying at school and how it is not acceptable can help your child not be the bully. Also keep a constant eye on their computer, on their Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter as that is where a lot of the cyber bullying comes from.


Start a No Bullying Campaign

No child should ever live in fear in their own school. If your child is constantly dealing with bullying at school, why not start a 'No Bullying' campaign at the school? This could truly help eliminate the bullying of any child!


Engage the Principle

A principle has to monitor hundreds, sometimes thousands of kids – they can't keep their eyes on every single child. If you are a concerned parent, why not bring it up to them? Why not talk to them about their bullying policies? Engage and involve the principle, it can actually help a lot!


Open Communication

It is super important to for you to have extremely open communication lines with your kid. Whether your child wants to talk to you about how they are feeling that day or just ask for help with their homework, open lines of communication is key. If your kid doesn't feel comfortable telling you about their bully situation, you might not find out until they are really feel bad about themselves.



Everyone in the world should know how to defend themselves; your child included. Enroll them in Karate, in Tae Kwon Do – anything that will give them the ability to defend themselves against anyone, especially bullies! Who knows, they might really like their class and end up becoming a black belt!


Ask the Right Questions

If you feel that your child is being bullied but not saying much, don't ask them outright. They might not tell you because they are embarrassed, instead, ask about their lunch hour, ask how their walk to and from school is (or their bus ride). You want to ask if there are any children bothering them without being so direct about it.


Listen & Understand

Sometimes a child might say that he/she is being bullied – without ever saying those exact words. If your boy or girl is trying to tell you something important and is having a difficult time, listen to them. It could really help loosen the lines of communication and could make you closer with your kid – and help stop the bullying sooner!


Don't Say

If your child is being bullied and they tell you about it, don't tell them to just ignore it. That will actually increase the chances of your kid feeling like a victim and that their feelings are worth nothing. Instead, get involved and make sure that you take the bullying as serious as they do.

Bullying at school is not something that is easy to deal with, however it is something that can be prevented. The most important thing to remember whenever you are dealing with bullying at school is staying involved and listening to your kid. What other tips do you parents have to deal with bullies? Did I miss any?

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