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Being good at communicating is important for work, school and in everyday life so I’ve gathered 7 effective ways to be a better communicator to help you get the right message across every time! Being an effective communicator can help you in public speaking, meetings and even help you get that raise you know you deserve! Keep reading to get the scoop on ways to be a better communicator!

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Cut to the Chase

When it comes to finding ways to be a better communicator, one of the top tips is to be concise. You want to give your audience all the necessary details without too much fluff or jokes mixed in so your message doesn't come across clearly or could be misconstrued. Write down bullet points of the main topics you want to cover to make sure you stay on topic.


Listen up

Another tip to improve communication skills is to listen. Effective communication doesn’t just involve speaking or different ways of presenting your topic. Poor listening can have disastrous outcomes! If you misunderstand an important assignment or task, it could cost you a good grade or even your job. A good habit to get into is to repeat what the other person has said in your own words so they can confirm or refute your understanding of what’s been said.


It’s All in the Eyes

Successful ways to communicate involve the eyes! Make sure you look at your audience or whoever you’re speaking to square in the eye! Some former graduate professors of mine would comment that people often avoid direct eye contact when addressing groups and it can appear as if you’re not confident, you’re not addressing certain people or you’re just plain ignoring them. Make certain you make eye contact with your listeners not only to make them feel included but to make sure they’re still listening!


Speak Positively

Another one of the ways to be a better communicator is to be positive! Whenever you’re talking to someone, think positive about the outcome of the conversation and be open with your feelings. If you’re concerned about something, let the other person know. If you think the other person has a great idea, tell them! Ask constructive questions and the other person will feel great knowing you’re truly listening and that you’re interested in what they have to say!


Observe and Report

So reporting isn’t one of the ways to be a better communicator, but observing definitely is! Observe the other person or people you’re talking to and how they’re reacting to what you’re saying. Are they cringing, yawning or nodding in agreement? Make note of how they are responding to you so that you can speak louder, slower or make whatever changes you need to convey your point. Being in tune with your audience ensures that you're not talking to them when they have a deadline coming up or anything else going on so you have their full attention!


Be Receptive

Additional ways to be a better communicator include being open to questions and comments. Try not to be defensive when someone asks you a question or if they make a comment about something you said. Be receptive to what others have to ask or say, it means they’re listening and want to know more! Even if you get a couple of critical comments, use those comments to help you improve on your communication skills!


Get Feedback

Finally, a key way to becoming a better communicator is to ask for feedback. It might be awkward at first, but it can really help you improve the way you communicate and you could get some useful tips on improving your public speaking skills. Getting feedback can also help you discover things about yourself that you weren’t aware of like you nervously tap your foot when you talk or you cross your arms, etc. Use these comments from others to learn and improve, don’t dwell on the negatives.

There you have 7 ways to be a better communicator! I hope you found these tips helpful. Becoming a good communicator takes time and practice and even seasoned public speakers ask people for feedback to constantly improve their skills. So whether you’re in situations where you only speak to people one-on-one or address large groups, honing your communication skills is vital to getting ahead!

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