9 Ways to Break the Ice at a Party ...


9 Ways to Break the Ice at a Party ...
9 Ways to Break the Ice at a Party ...

Do you ever feel like the odd woman out at gatherings and want to figure out how to break the ice at a party so that the next time you’re out you can mix and mingle with ease? I know firsthand what it feels like when you get invited out someplace and you know only one other person there who happens to be the host or is occupied with other things and can’t hang out with you! Here are 9 painless ways that we can approach others and break the ice without appearing awkward or dare I say it-desperate!

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What’s the one accessory you always need to have before you leave your house and especially if you’re looking for ways to break the ice-a smile! Who wants to approach or be approached by someone who looks like they’re standoffish?! Even if you feel uncomfortable smiling at strangers who might not smile back or might even give a haughty look, who cares?! Anyone who gives the hairy eyeball to someone who offers them a smile isn’t worth getting to know you anyway so that’s your cue to keep it moving!


Bring Something

When you’re learning how to break the ice at a party, bringing something for the party like a bottle of wine or snacks that everyone can enjoy is a fabulous way to get conversations started! This is perfect if you don’t like the typical “Hi, I’m so-and-so” type conversations, focus your conversation on what you brought by offering it to people so you don’t feel like you’re on-the-spot trying to carry a convo with someone you don’t know!


Common Denominator

One easy thing to remember when you’re learning how to break the ice at a party is to remember that you and the other attendees probably know the host or someone involved with the party so an easy way to get a conversation going is to use your common denominator and ask how they know the host. You might have other friends or hobbies in common with other people there so don’t be afraid to start asking questions!


Loosen up

Another important thing to keep in mind in how to break the ice at a party is to let loose and let go! Ok, this doesn’t mean start dancing on furniture and asking others to do body shots on you but it’s not like you’re hired muscle so make eye contact, smile and don’t be too serious! If you stutter, mess up someone’s name or even your own name, just laugh and go with it! You’re allowed to make mistakes and goof up sometimes so just concentrate on having fun!


Jump in

One of the easiest ways to break the ice at a party is to jump into ongoing conversations. Okay, it’s easy in the sense that you can just chime in with your thoughts or questions but not so easy to do since you don’t know how the others will respond, right? To make things much less intimidating, try jumping in on a conversation with someone you already met and open up the conversation with them too or just ask a question and see how it goes. If the others aren’t very receptive to you then that’s okay, it might be a little embarrassing but it’s worth the risk to meet new friends!

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Be Suggestive

Another simple way to break the ice at a party is to suggest a game, music, or start doing any activity the host has set out for the party that no one is partaking in. Ask another guest if they want to help you pick out music or if they can think of something for everyone to do. Of course there is no guarantee that everyone will jump in and participate in the activity but if you’re not afraid of taking that chance then definitely start suggesting or doing and get others involved!


Be Interested in Others

An easy conversation starter is to ask others about themselves and show genuine interest in them! Ask others about their hobbies, interests or where they like to go for happy hour, just about anything that will show that you want to know something about them and what they like. You might make a great connection and find a new partner to go to that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try out or someone to meet at your local dog park!


Help Others out

For those who want an easy and considerate way to carry out how to break the ice at a party, lend a helping hand! Help the host and others out with setting up or if you’re on your way to grab something to eat or drink ask people nearby if they’d like something that you can bring them on your way back. You don’t have to start acting like you’re bussing tables but there’s nothing wrong with being friendly and kind to people you nearby and your hostess will grateful for your help!


Excuse Yourself

This last tip isn’t exactly a suggestion on a way to break the ice but it is an important point to remember when you’re trying to close a conversation. When you find that you’re bored or tired of the conversation or people you’re talking to and want to keep mingling, be kind and excuse yourself to go to the restroom, hit the buffet or say you’re checking in on the host to see if she needs help and then go about your business.

There are many ways to approach how to break the ice at a party so take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people and network. Although it can be intimidating to approach strangers at a party, remember that others are probably anxious about socializing too so you’re not alone. Make the most of your time there and make your own fun, don’t count on others or wait for others to get the party started-be the party starter!

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