7 Helpful Tips on Dealing with Negative Comments ...


7 Helpful Tips on Dealing with Negative Comments ...
7 Helpful Tips on Dealing with Negative Comments ...

Negative people and their hurtful comments can be very difficult to deal with and personally, I’ve never really thought about how to deal with negative comments in a productive and helpful way. Honestly, I don’t want to just silently steam about the comment or loquaciously mouth-off to random people which does absolutely nothing about the situation. If you’d like helpful ways to deal with negativity whether it’s a friend, co-worker or someone commenting on your Facebook or blog, keep reading for helpful ways to deal with these Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers!

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Avoid Arguing

One of the best tips to remember on how to deal with negative comments is to avoid getting into an argument with the other person. Although your defenses might be up and you feel like giving out a tongue-lashing, try to stay calm and objective. You totally have the right to defend yourself but sometimes regardless of what you say, the other person will have a million reasons as to why they are right so don’t give them that power or a reason to further criticize you! Let the other person know you are receptive to what they have to say but you won’t tolerate belligerence.


Be Positive and Empathetic

Being positive and empathetic is probably the last thing you feel like doing but exhibiting those two reactions are great ways to deal with negative comments. Combating negativity with positivity is a helpful way to steer the conversation in a more positive direction. Even if that doesn’t quite work, try empathizing as a way to try and see where they’re coming from. They could very well just be coming from a spiteful place but we know better than stooping to that level so try your best to remain calm and cool.


Remember, harnessing a positive attitude and empathy not only displays strength but also keeps the dialogue constructive. Acknowledging the commenter's feelings validates their experience, which can diffuse tension. When you respond with kindness, you often encourage others to do the same, fostering a more supportive environment. More importantly, maintaining a positive approach will ensure your own peace of mind remains unshaken by external negativity. After all, your reaction is a choice—choose the high road, and you sustain not just your happiness, but set a precedent for others.


Talk It out

If you’re dealing with someone who is saying negative comments to you in person or this person is saying negative remarks online but you know them in “real life,” try talking it out as a way to deal with negative comments. It’s one thing for some anonymous troll to spout off mean comments on your blog or Twitter but it’s a whole different story when you know this person personally. Ask about the comment in question and let them know it’s hurtful in private. Sometimes statements are misinterpreted online since we can’t always predict their tone so be open-minded.


Once you initiate a dialogue, be prepared to listen and express your feelings without aggression. Addressing the issue face-to-face can minimize misunderstandings that often occur in the digital space. It's important to approach the conversation with an aim for resolution and understanding, rather than confrontation. Use "I" statements to convey how the comments affect you personally, as this can prevent the other person from feeling accused. Remember, sometimes a sincere conversation can transform a critic into a supporter, or at least lead to mutual respect. Allow the possibility for growth on both sides by communicating openly.


Ignore Them

One of the best ways of dealing with haters online when it involves some random person posting mean comments on your blog, something you pinned on Pinterest or any other form of social media is to simply ignore them. Assuming it’s an isolated incident and they aren’t persistent with their unnecessary remarks, just let it be. You can choose to leave it or delete it but don’t feel like you have to respond back, they could be waiting for you to get upset and retort back so they can continue egging you on. Don’t fall into their trap!


Talk to a Friend

When it comes to dealing with haters and how to deal with negative comments, talking to a friend about the situation can be a useful way to vent and get someone else’s input on the situation. If someone said something that really upset you, take a few deep breaths and focus on other things for awhile. Giving yourself some space and time from the comment can help you see things clearly and talking it over with a friend can help you see things in a more carefree light.


Be Confident

Another one of the valuable ways to deal with negative comments is to respond in a mature way, confidently and constructively. Some people will argue that negative comments can be helpful and sometimes it can be if the criticism is constructive but a lot of times negative remarks are downright hurtful and mean. In those cases respond to the person confidently and don’t be afraid to defend yourself. After all, it’s the other person who has the problem, not you!


Move Forward

Steps to take in how to deal with negative comments also largely involves moving forward by accepting that the incident happened, focusing on what you can control and move forward. Sure it sucks but dwelling on the comment does absolutely nothing for you and so think about what you can do and keep on moving forward. Don’t let one comment or one person prevent you from doing what you love or being yourself!

It might take awhile to learn how to deal with negative comments but it’s a process. It might not ever get easy to read or hear unpleasant remarks but it’s part of life. As much as I’d like to wipe out all the mean people of the world, think of them as tools to become stronger, grow a thicker skin and learn! How do you like to deal with negative comments or people?

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