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7 Tasteful Tricks on Dealing with Close Talkers ...

By Lisa

I think we’ve all come across someone who talks in very close proximity to your face, and while it can be awkward for some, we can all learn ways to deal with a close talker in a tasteful way. There are lots of tips for dealing with close talkers we can use to make ourselves a little more comfortable without coming off as rude or obviously bothered by another person’s actions. Keep reading below for all the info, you'll find the perfect ways to deal with a close talker!

1 Be Understanding

People who are known to be close talkers might not always be aware that they’re in your personal space. Additionally, personal space varies from culture to culture, so don’t always assume that someone is knowingly invading your personal space or trying to make you feel uncomfortable. There are a variety of reasons that a person engages in close talking so try to be understanding! This is the first thing you want to keep in mind before reading my other ways to deal with a close talker.

2 Be Confident

While learning how to deal with close talkers, don’t be afraid to be confident when you tell the other person how you feel. You don’t have to get cocky or rude about it, but you definitely don’t have to feel bad about expressing yourself and your uneasiness! It's your space!


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3 Take a Step Back

An easy way to deal with a close talker and what might be your first instinct is to take a step back. Taking a step away from the close talker might prompt the other person that they’re a little too close to you. If this move doesn’t faze the other person, try creating a barrier or placing something between the two of you.

4 Take a Seat

When dealing with close talkers, sometimes the best thing is for the both of you to take a seat. Sitting down can put some space between the two of you. However, you still remain close enough to have a conversation with one another.

5 Take a Turn

Another way to deal with a close talker is to turn to the side. By turning to your side, you can prevent having to face the other person head-on and avoid an awkward situation. You don’t have to be really obvious; you can slightly turn your face to your side while maintaining the conversation and decreasing the discomfort!

6 Be Upfront

If you’re dealing with close talkers that you’re comfortable being more open with, be upfront! Just tell them they’re a little too close for your comfort. The other person might not be aware that they’re too close to you and can make an effort to be at a more comfortable distance for the two of you!

7 Be Polite

Talking very closely can be cultural difference or can occur a number of other reasons. Because of this, when you’re figuring out how to deal with close talkers, try to be open-minded and polite. I’m not encouraging you to suffer silently, but to be considerate and compassionate when you approach this person about talking close. We all have habits that might come off as bothersome to others so let’s all try to be more understanding of one another!

There are lots of ways that we can learn how to deal with close talkers but it’s always important to be compassionate. We all come from different walks of life, and what can be acceptable to some might not be to others. So, let’s all remember to be accepting of one another while still standing up for ourselves. Do you have any tips on dealing with close talkers?

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