Try These New Year's Eve 🎉 Traditions from around the World 🌍 ...

New Year's Eve traditions differ from family to family, culture to culture, and country to country. Even learning how your best friend's family celebrates the holiday is pretty fascinating. I don't know about you, but this year I'm itching to try a little something different. I don't want to ring in 2016 the same way I rang in 2015 … not to mention 2014, 2013, and 2012. Are you with me? Then take a look at some of the traditions that take place in different parts of the world. The ball may drop at different times, but we're all gearing up to celebrate something fresh and new.

1. Follow Peru's Potato Tradition

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Let's start out with one of the traditions from Peru, shall we? There are many to pick from, but it's the one with the potatoes that caught my attention. Place three potatoes – one unpeeled, one half-peeled, and one fully peeled – beneath your sofa. At midnight, reach under there and pick out a random potato, so you can tell your financial future. The peeled potato means you won't have a lot of money in the new year, the half-peeled tuber means it'll be a normal year, and the unpeeled potato points to a huge bounty in the year ahead.

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