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Simple Card Tricks You Can Perform to Impress at Parties ...

By Holly

Adults love card tricks as much as little kids do. That means that you can impress your crush with the same type of card tricks that you can impress your little cousin with. They work on everyone! With that in mind, here are a few card tricks you can perform at parties:

1 All Four Cards

For this trick, you're going to set aside a card and call it your "prediction." After moving the cards around a bit, you'll end up flipping over three different cards that will all have the same number on them (such as an 8). Of course, the 8 that wasn't revealed yet will be your prediction card!

2 Spell out the Card

For this trick, you're going to ask the spectator to pick out any card. Then you're going to make three piles and ask them to place their card on top of one of them. After moving them around a bit, you'll "spell out" the name of the card and show them the one they picked!

3 Math Trick

This card trick involves math, which means you need to follow the instructions perfectly in order to make the trick work. You should tell your spectator to pick three different cards and write them down. After moving the cards around a bit, you're going to end up showing them the three cards that they picked earlier, even though they were originally in completely different places in the deck.

4 The Rising Card

For this trick, you're going to pick a card and stick it in the middle of the deck. Then, you're going to pick up the card from the top of the deck and show everyone that it's the same exact card that you just placed in the middle. Of course, this trick requires sleight of hand, so you have to be able to move quickly and smoothly.

5 Between Two Red Queens

For this trick, you need to take out two red queens. Then you're going to take thirteen random cards. Those are the only cards you're going to be using for the trick. After you ask the spectator to take a card and put it back into the deck, you're going to move the cards around a little. After that, you should spell out the words "between two red queens" and then their card will magically be between those two red queens.

6 All Four Aces

For this trick, you're going to ask a spectator to cut the deck four times. Then you're going to ask them to move the cards around a little, so that you don't go near the deck. However, when you flip the four cards on top over, there will magically be four aces there. If you're only interested in the reveal, you can skip to 1:55 to learn how the trick works.

7 5 More Card Tricks

If you want to learn how to perform even more card tricks, then this video will be useful to you! It'll show you five different card tricks that you can perform at parties. That means you'll always have something to impress your friends with.

These tricks will make you the hit of any party! What other card tricks do you know how to perform?

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