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10 Fun Games to Play While You're People Watching ...

By Holly

It's fun to sit on a park bench and watch the people fly by. You don't know anything about them, but that's what makes watching them so interesting. It gives you a chance to let your imagination run wild. The next time you're sitting outside with nothing to do, here are a few different games that you can play while people watching:

1 Make up Their Life Story

black and white, person, photography, portrait photography, monochrome, Pick a random person out from the street and try to figure out their life story based on what they look like and what you've seen them do. Are they married to the love of their love or are they going through a divorce? Did they go to college or did they drop out of high school? Do they have any pets at home or is their house filled with plants? What's their favorite TV show or movie? Try to answer all of these questions and anything else that you can come up with. It'll keep your brain active.

2 Ab-lib What They’re Saying

fun, singing, If you're people watching with a group of friends, then you can play this game as a team. Pick two people that are having a conversation. Then you can pretend to translate what one of them is saying, and your friend can make up what the other person is saying. You can have a whole lot of fun with this! You can make two strangers fight, fall in love, or have a falling out.

3 Who Would You Become Friends with if You Crashed on an Island?

human hair color, blond, hair, supermodel, long hair, If you were on a plane with the people around you, and that plane ended up crashing onto a deserted island, who would you choose to be friends with? Who would you stay away from? Try to decide who would help you out the most, and who would cause you the most trouble. It never hurts to be prepared.

4 Decide Who Would Play Them in a Movie

person, singing, If the random person you're staring at had an interesting story to tell, who would play them on the big screen? Try to find a celebrity that matches them. It'll make you feel like you're a casting director.

5 Find What You Love the Most about Them

hair, facial expression, person, red, woman, This is a great way to boost your own confidence. All you have to do is look at another person and pick out your favorite feature about them. The more often you do this, the better! When you start seeing the best in complete strangers, soon you'll be able to see the best in yourself!

6 Guess Their Name

facial expression, black, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, You probably won't be able to guess a person's name, just by looking at their face. Of course, you can always try. You'll never know the truth anyway, so what's the difference if you get it wrong?

7 Play Bingo

glasses, #TRACE,, If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can create a Bingo card to use while people watching. Write down random things that you'd normally see people doing, like walking their dog, sipping on a cup of coffee, or tripping. Of course, this game will be a lot more fun if you play it with a group of friends.

8 Guess Who?

black and white, photograph, black, photography, monochrome photography, You and your friend each pick a stranger and ask questions to guess who they picked. Sounds easy and fun! Just like the game.

9 Daughter or Girlfriend?

person, people, senior citizen, singing, cromas, While this one is slightly mean in a harmless way, it's also very funny. It's pretty self explanatory but you could also make up scenarios to add to the dialogue to make it funnier.

10 2 Passes and a Husband

color, hair, person, woman, girl, I saw this on Gilmore Girls and I've played, it's fun! You and a friend spot the first stranger to walk by, you either take him or pass and wait for the next. You can either marry him or pass. If you pass twice you're stuck with the third guy no matter what.

Now you can get creative while you're watching people walk by! What other games have you played with people watching?

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