28 Important Pieces of Information College Graduates Need to Know ...


28 Important Pieces of Information College Graduates Need to Know ...
28 Important Pieces of Information College Graduates Need to Know ...

Graduation is the real true start to your adult life. And, no matter how prepared you think you might be, the world is scary. All that studying has taught you much but there's a lot that college simply doesn't prepare you for. Popsugar.com has a nice list of important life tips for college graduates to help make your transition and next steps easier

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Never Give up on Finding a Job

, You may not get your dream career right away, but that doesn't mean you should stop looking. Job hunting often takes time.


Find Mentors Who Can Guide You

person, conversation, Whether it be an old professor or family member, it's good to have someone who can be there to give you advice.


Update Your Résumé

black, white, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, It's important to have a clean résumé that stands out among the rest — have a few people look over yours and be open to suggestions.


Don't Forget to Start Saving Money

person, professional, You never know when an unexpected expense might come up. You will want to be prepared for anything, including future investments.


Network with Anyone and Everyone

, Down the road, one of your connections could have an opportunity for you. Network with anyone you meet; they can help you in the future.


Learn about 401(k) Plans

, You should start putting money in a 401(K) as soon as possible, so learn about the benefits of it and why it's so important.


Be Proud of Your Skills and Don't Be Afraid to Talk about Them

muscle, screenshot, sense, Nobody will know how amazing you are if you don't let them know! Don't be shy.


Your achievements and talents are something to celebrate. If you've mastered a second language or can code like a wizard, own it and share it! These are the sorts of details that can set you apart in the job hunt and in the workplace. Remember, it's not boasting if it's true. Let your confidence shine, but keep it peppered with humility. Mixing pride with grace is an art form, and it's one that will earn you respect and opportunities.


Clean up All Your Social Media

, Those party pictures from college? It's time to get rid of them. Employers can and will look at your social media accounts — it's a guarantee.


Now, more than ever, your online presence is like your second resume. Besides those wild shots, any negative or controversial posts should be reconsidered. Think about your personal brand – you want it to exude professionalism and competence. Curate your social media profiles as if your dream job depended on it because, in a way, it just might. A polished image online speaks volumes about your judgment and maturity. Remember, once something is out there, it's out there for good – so post thoughtfully.


Don't Let Your Entire Life Revolve around Work

musician, music, guitarist, singing, Work-life balance is so incredibly important. You have to find the right balance — don't be at the office all night.


Invest in a Suit

person, mouth, leg, It seems like a boring purchase, but you'll be shocked by how useful it becomes. Having it handy for interviews and meetings will be a huge relief.


Keep Your Relationship with Your Family Strong

black and white, people, monochrome photography, As you get busy with transitioning into adulthood, don't forget about the people who got you there — your family! They're your permanent support system.


Maintaining a strong bond with your family is essential. Even as new chapters unfold in your life, remembering to call home regularly, share your triumphs and tribulations, and seek wisdom from those who’ve guided you can provide stability and comfort. Your family can be your cheerleaders, your sounding board, and a safety net during times of change. Don’t let distance—physical or emotional—diminish these vital relationships. Keep those home fires burning bright; it’s a win-win for love and support.


Even Though You've Finished College, You Still Have so Much to Learn

black and white, photography, man, monochrome, monochrome photography, Having a degree doesn't mean that you know everything.


Read up on the Company Culture of Your New Job

, Each company will have specific expectations and behaviors that you should understand and embody. It's important to show that you care about your job.


Don't Text on the Job

person, official, It looks unprofessional to constantly pull out your phone and respond to texts. Wait until a break or lunch to catch up with friends, unless it's an emergency.


Take Care of Your Mental Health

, If you need help, take care of yourself before things get worse. Your top priority should always be your well-being.


It can be easy to ignore the warning signs when you're caught up in the post-graduation whirlwind. Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Whether it's seeking guidance from a therapist, joining a support group, or simply engaging in mindful activities like yoga and meditation, there are numerous pathways to maintain and improve your mental health. Embrace self-care routines, and don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or family when you feel overwhelmed. Your mind is just as important as your career.


Remember to Keep Doing Things That Make You Happy

facial expression, person, Don't sacrifice your favorite exercise class or a mani-pedi because something else is worrying you. Take the time to do things that boost your mood.


Keep in Touch with Your Friends

interaction, Life gets hectic, and regularly hanging out with friends can get harder. Set aside time to spend with your pals.


Learn How to Make Coffee

drink, coffee, close up, latte, caffeine, Trust us, you'll need it often.


Use Your College as a Resource

photograph, black, black and white, room, monochrome, Most colleges are more than happy to help their grads with connections and opportunities. They want you to succeed.


Many colleges have comprehensive alumni networks that can serve as a platform for networking and job searching. Be proactive and reach out to your alumni relations office. They often organize events, mentorship programs, and can facilitate introductions to influential alumni in your field. Remember, the relationships you forge during and after your college years can be pivotal in navigating your career path. Tap into these resources; they're there for you to utilize and can make a significant difference in your professional journey.


Understand Your Work Benefits

person, professional, Make sure to speak with your Human Resources managers about health and dental insurance. Some companies even provide vision coverage.


Establish and Build Good Credit

finger, nail, eyelash, cash, hand, You'll need it for renting or buying a home, car, or any other big purchases.


Starting off with a secure credit card or becoming an authorized user on a family member's account can pave the path for financial success. Pay your bills on time, every single time. This demonstrates responsibility and consistency to potential lenders. Remember, a good credit score can lead to better interest rates and more favorable terms, which can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It's like a financial report card, and you want your grades to be stellar! Don't underestimate the power of good credit; it's the golden ticket in today's economy.


Look after Your Physical Health

human action, dance, person, performing arts, sports, Eat right and take care of your skin. You'll thank yourself later.


Find the Best Place to Live for You

organ, hand, You pretty much have the option to go anywhere you want after college. Choose the place that best fits your needs.


Consider factors like job opportunities in your field, cost of living, and lifestyle preferences. Do you crave the bustle of a big city, or do you prefer the tranquility of a smaller town? Reflect on how the climate, cultural scene, and proximity to loved ones might impact your happiness. And don't forget to look into the long-term prospects, such as career growth and housing market trends, to ensure it's a place where you can thrive for years to come.


Read for Pleasure

person, conversation, Because you certainly didn't get to do so in college — it was all assigned homework. Pick something you're excited to read.


Don't Put off Paying College Loans

supermodel, model, You can't ignore that you owe money; it won't magically disappear. Even if you have to pay them back in small doses, do it as soon as you can.


Understand Both Social and Fiscal Politics

, It's your duty to educate yourself on the policies and laws that will affect your entire life. It also makes voting so much easier.


Learn How to Cook Well

cartoon, play, illustration, No more Easy Mac and microwavable pizzas. Fuel yourself with food you prepare and create yourself. Your body will thank you.


Learning to cook is not just a survival skill—it's an avenue to a healthier lifestyle and a form of creative expression. Mastering the basics will not only impress your friends and family, but it'll also save you money that would otherwise be spent on takeout. Plus, cooking at home means you have complete control over the ingredients and portion sizes, ensuring that your meals are as nutritious as they are delicious. Start with simple recipes and gradually challenge yourself with more complex dishes. Your culinary skills will grow, and so will your confidence in the kitchen.


Know That Everything Gets a Little Easier

face, nose, head, skin, arm, This is a tumultuous and pivotal time of life! You're still learning, and that can be tricky. Once you get the hang of things, you'll be a pro at adulthood, we promise.

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