5 Must-do's before You Graduate College ...


5 Must-do's before You Graduate College ...
5 Must-do's before You Graduate College ...

There are several things to do before you graduate college. When in the throes of college it's hard to know what exactly you don't want to miss out on. What's important in college. Here are 5 things to do before you graduate college.

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Stay up All Night

This is basically a requirement in college, and I don't just mean for studying. There's nothing quite like being carefree and footloose. Whether it be hanging at someone's house or binge-watching your favorite show, there will come a time when you will not want nor be able to stay up all night, even if it doesn't feel that way now. So pulling an all-nighter is definitely one of the top things to do before you graduate college.


Participate in Clubs

Get out and meet people! Join clubs, go to events. This is the time to try many different things to not only see what you might like, but you never know what may be helpful on a resume.


Live on Campus

Everyone should live on campus for at least a year. There's nothing like the comraderie of living in a dorm with all of your peers. The friends you make may very well last a lifetime.


Take a Road Trip with the Girls

Spring Break in Panama or a weekend in the mountains - there's nothing like taking a long weekend, or heck a week, for that matter with your favorite girlfriends and forget about classes for a while. The memories you make will last a lifetime.


Fall in Love

There's nothing like your first college boyfriend. This is also the time to figure out what kind of man you like. Date a few different types. Chances are you will meet people from different regions, backgrounds and personalities.

Classes are important in college. It is important to take them seriously, but this is also a time for personal growth. Your college years teach you so much about yourself. It's your first time spreading your wings and you only do college once! So have fun! Here's to an amazing college experience!

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