Little Things You Can do to Improve the Quality of Your School Day ...

By Keyaani

Little  Things You Can do  to Improve  the Quality  of Your School Day  ...

School days can be tough; from waking up early, to looking presentable, to getting your brain into gear for a full day of learning. School is stressful not to mention the social activities.The workload and constantly being on the go can take its toll on you and make you feel miserable. has come up with 18 little pointers to help you manage your day better. Try to incorporate these into your daily routine and see how much of a difference it can make to your overall mood. It is a little time consuming but a little bit of planning can really help to lift your spirits. I promise you, the hard work will pay off.

Table of contents:

  1. interact with your friends
  2. do something enjoyable before you leave the house
  3. wear something comfortable that makes you feel good
  4. try quick yoga and/or meditation
  5. manage your time correctly
  6. eat breakfast
  7. listen to your favorite song
  8. have something fun planned for when you get home
  9. get as much sleep the night before as possible
  10. give yourself some kind of midday treat
  11. smell a lemon
  12. laugh at something
  13. avoid negative people
  14. pay attention in class
  15. have your work finished
  16. exercise at some point
  17. take a few minutes for yourself
  18. have something you wear every day that you love

1 Interact with Your Friends

clothing, dress, cocktail dress, lingerie, supermodel, Seeing or talking to your friends can make any school day a little bit better – making friends in school is one of the best things about it! If you don’t have any classes with your friends, try to meet up with them during lunch or even for a minute by your lockers to say hi. And if you have no friends in your school, text them and chat for a little bit. You would be surprised at the difference it can make.

2 Do Something Enjoyable before You Leave the House

room, bed sheet, spring, textile, wallpaper, I know, I know – waking up earlier than you have to is not ideal. Except… maybe it is. Giving yourself a little extra time in the morning to relax can change the entire rest of your day. Wake up a half hour earlier and give yourself some time to do something you like, whether it’s slowly drinking coffee in bed, reading your book, watching a TV show, or just cuddling with your dog. It puts you in a good mood, makes you feel calm, and puts your day off to a good start.

3 Wear Something Comfortable That Makes You Feel Good

jacket, clothing, leather jacket, leather, denim, I’m a pretty firm believer in looking put together when you go to school – I don’t live for the idea of wearing sweatshirts and pajama pants for class. However, I also don’t love the idea of getting really dressed up like you live in a TV show. There’s a happy medium, and it consists of comfortable clothes that make you look and feel good. Find what your definition of that is, and wear it. If you feel confident and comfy in what you’re wearing, it will put you in a better frame of mind.

4 Try Quick Yoga and/or Meditation

human action, human positions, physical fitness, sports, muscle, It sounds really cliche, but honestly, doing a few minutes of yoga or meditating a day can really, really make things so much better. I used to wake up an hour earlier than necessary and do a half hour of yoga every morning, and it was life changing. I haven’t done it in a while, and I really need to start again. Just give yourself 10 minutes, if that’s all you have, and I promise it will make a difference.

5 Manage Your Time Correctly

Weird? Sure. But research has shown that smelling a lemon, or another citrus fruit, can make you feel more energized, awake, and happy. Throw one in your bag, and take a big whiff of it when needed.

12 Laugh at Something

clothing, blue, dress, sleeve, spring, “Laughter is the best medicine” is a saying because it’s true. Giggling over something silly can make you feel better pretty quickly. Save some funny Tumblr posts in your Photos on your phone to look at when you need to smile, or talk to a funny friend.

13 Avoid Negative People

city, spring, flower, It can be easier said than done, but try to stay away from the negative people in your life. Seeing that girl you used to be friends with or the guy you hate is going to bring you down. Avoid them as much as possible!

14 Pay Attention in Class

text, biology, organ, writing, document,

You know what makes class go by really fast? Paying attention to what you’re learning. Sitting there, daydreaming and watching the clock, is only going to make things feel super, super slow. Start taking notes and doodling with them, even if you’re not a good artist. Focusing on making your notes look nice could be beneficial in the end.

15 Have Your Work Finished

clothing, leg, thigh, black hair, long hair, I’m starting to sound like your teacher, but hear me out! Getting your homework done on time will make your school day feel better. You know when you didn’t finish an assignment and you feel stressed out and hectic all day? That feeling sucks.

16 Exercise at Some Point

human action, clothing, structure, active undergarment, muscle, You’ve heard this before, but I’ll say it again: exercise boosts endorphins, makes you happier, gives you energy, and just makes you feel accomplished. Get it done in the morning or after school, even if it’s just 20 minutes.

17 Take a Few Minutes for Yourself

photography, beauty, leg, hairstyle, blond, Whether it’s eating a piece of chocolate or some cookies, snagging a few minutes of quiet time in a bathroom stall, or reading your book during a short break, give yourself a little bit of me time in the middle of the day. Your schedule should allow for something.

18 Have Something You Wear Every Day That You Love

dish, food, flower, eating, cuisine, It sounds weird, but try wearing something signature, like a favorite necklace or earrings, or a patch you love, or your favorite lipstick. If it means something to you, looking at it will make you feel good when you need it.

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