Important Things to Remember as You're Receiving Your Diploma ...


Important Things to Remember  as You're Receiving Your Diploma ...
Important Things to Remember  as You're Receiving Your Diploma ...

Graduation season can be a sad time. There’s just really no getting around it. It’s a time where chapters are ending, whether you want them to or not. If you’re currently going through your own graduation but can’t wrap your mind around it completely, this list will help you make sense of what’s happening. After reading this list, you’ll be able to put things in perspective and enjoy the last few months of this chapter you’re currently closing! It can be sad, or you can learn from it, and I think that we should all learn from these moments!

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Cherish Your Relationships Now

Everyone knows deep down that his or her friendships are going to change as you move onto the next stage in your life. When you go from seeing certain people in your life every day to seeing them only every so often, it takes some getting used to. Cherish your relationships with people closest to you while you can. Make the most of your memories with your favorite people before your relationship to them changes.


You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured out

No matter what you’re graduating from, remember that you don’t have to have your next step completely figured out. Nobody does. When you’re crossing that graduation stage and have no idea what comes next for you, don’t panic. Everyone’s thinking the exact same thing. We’re all figuring it out as we go along.


Embrace Change

Does anyone actually like change? I, for one, do not. That always makes graduation season particularly bittersweet for me. If you aren’t looking forward to the impending change in your life either, change your outlook. Change can be a great thing, and even if you want to avoid the fact that things are changing, if you don’t, you’ll be much happier enjoying your present life!


Enjoy This Freedom

If you’re graduating high school, chances are that your life is mostly carefree right now. You have a few months until college, which is when the real stress begins. Enjoy these carefree months with your friends, because soon you’ll be thrust into the real world!


Set Goals

No matter what phase of life you’re currently in, start planning for the next phase in your life. Set goals for what you want to do and accomplish. It will help make the transition much easier when you know what you want to accomplish in the next phase of your life!


Take Some Time to Think

Transitional times in your life are great to think about what you’re doing and the direction you’re heading. Especially if you’re going to college and unsure about what your major, take some time to reflect on the next big decisions you’ll have to make. The more time you spend reflecting on your life, the easier transitional periods in your life are!


Watch Commencement Speech Videos

Let’s face it, not every commencement speech is the best. If you’re not overly impressed with yours, think of your biggest role models and do some YouTube searching. Chances are, they’ve given a commencement address at some point or another and you can get the advice and guidance you were looking for!

What are your tips for graduating? Are you graduating this year? Let me know your stories in the comments!

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WOW!! SOOO poignant for the present, even as I reflect back on "where I was" 26 years ago, during my own graduation!

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