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17 Words to Avoid Using if You Want to Sound Intelligent ...

By Holly

The way you speak can make or break your career or your dating life. That's why you need to be careful with the words you choose to use. If you pick the wrong ones, you could end up sounding ridiculous. You don't want that to happen, which is why you should avoid using these words that can make you sound uneducated:

1 Irregardless

Irregardless This isn't an actual word, which is why you should delete it from your vocabulary. The word you're looking for is simply "regardless."

2 Like

Like You don't want to throw "like" into every other sentence. It's a commonly used filler word that stops you from creating awkward pauses, but you have to learn to get comfortable speaking without it.

3 Literally

Literally Most of the time, people use this word incorrectly. If you say that you literally died, you're lying. Literally means that something actually happened.

4 At

At It's okay to use this word in the middle of a sentence, but you don't want to use it at the end of a sentence. It's improper grammar.

5 (cursing)

hair, face, person, nose, man, There's nothing wrong with tossing a few curse words into conversations with friends. However, if you're at work, you don't want to use foul language, because some people will accuse you of sounding uneducated.

6 Umm

Umm This is another filler word that most people fall back on. However, you need to stop using it. It's okay to pause while you think of your next thought.

7 Ironic

Ironic Most people think they're using this word correctly, but they aren't. It actually means "happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this."

8 Very

portrait, monochrome, screenshot, Don't say that you're "very happy." Say that you're elated. Don't say that you're "very sad." Say that you're devastated.

9 Ain’t

Ain’t This is slang. You shouldn't be using it when you want to sound intelligent.

10 Conversate

Conversate This isn't actually a word. You're either looking for "conversation" or "converse."

11 Nauseous

person, professional, If you're feeling sick, the word you're looking for is "nauseated." Nauseous means that something is causing nausea.

12 Ginormous

Ginormous This isn't a real word. If you want to state that something is huge, use "humongous" instead.

13 Gay

Gay There are certain words you don't have any reason to use. "Gay" and "retarded" shouldn't be considered insults.

14 Inflammable

performance art, entertainment, stage, music, singing, Since "flammable" means something can easily be set on fire, you might think that "inflammable" means the opposite. However, that's not the case. "Inflammable" also means it can easily be set on fire, so be careful when you use the word.

15 Misunderestimate

Misunderestimate Even though one of our presidents used this word, it doesn't mean it makes any sense. You're probably trying to say "underestimate." You don't need the "mis" in front of it.

16 Omg

Omg You don't want to use "omg" or "wtf" in an email. You don't want to say the letters aloud, either.

17 Supposably

Supposably You're probably trying to say the word "supposedly." Swap out that "b" for a "d."

The way you speak can change the way others view you, which is why you need to be careful. What other words do you try to refrain from using?

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