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17 Phrases That Sound More Mature than Using "OMG" ...

By Holly

Maybe you're religious and don't want to use the name of God in vain. Maybe you're an atheist and don't want to say the name at all. Or maybe you're just tired of sounding childish every time you're surprised and blurt out "OMG. No way!" No matter what the case may be, here are a few replacement phrases to OMG that you should start using today:

1 Great Scott

Great Scott If you say this in front of a fan of Back to the Future, they'll appreciate your reference to Doc Brown. Of course, you could always steal Marty's line instead and say, "This is heavy."

2 My Word

My Word If you're trying to keep your composure, you should use a phrase like this. It'll make you sound conservative. There's no way you can get in trouble by your boss or teacher when you use a phrase like this.

3 Oh My Goodness

Oh My Goodness This is the easiest way to transition from using OMG to using something else. After all, it still starts with "oh my," so even if you slip up, you can still catch yourself by the end of your sentence.

4 Holy Toledo

Holy Toledo If you want to stop yourself from saying "holy shit," because you're in an environment where you shouldn't curse, you can use this phrase instead.

5 Blimey

Blimey If you want to sound cultured, or trick others into thinking you grew up in Britain, use this cute expression. It'll probably even catch on.

6 Dear Me

Dear Me If you don't mind sounding like you grew up in a different decade, you can use a phrase like this one. It'll make you seem sweet and innocent.

7 Gee Whiz

Gee Whiz Here's another phrase that comes from the past. Of course, you can still use it today!

8 Jeepers

Jeepers If you're really shocked, you can add "creepers" to the end for emphasis. It'll really get your point across.

9 Omigosh

Omigosh This sounds a little childish, but hey, most of us are kids at heart. If you want to use it, then use it. Who cares what other people think?

10 Hell’s Bells

Hell’s Bells You don't hear this one much anymore. That's why you should bring it back into style.

11 Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell This is satisfying to say. It's even better than your favorite curse word.

12 Good Golly

Good Golly This works the best if you have a friend named Molly, so you can say, "Good Golly, Miss Molly."

13 Good Grief

Good Grief Fans of Charlie Brown will love this one. It'll make you sound just like your favorite cartoon character.

14 Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket This one sounds a little ridiculous, but at least it'll lighten the mood after something dramatic happens.

15 Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes Here's another great phrase that'll save you if you're about to say "holy crap" in a professional situation.

16 Egads

City, person, speech, Citytv, If you like to be unique, this is the phrase for you. You'll definitely be the only one using it.

17 Well, I’ll Be

image, person, woman, lady, beauty, This might make you sound like a southern belle, but that's what makes it so much fun.

Now you have more than one way to respond the next time you find out something shocking! What do you usually say when you're surprised?

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