17 Words You Should Never Use Lightly ...


17 Words You Should Never Use Lightly ...
17 Words You Should Never Use Lightly ...

Some words are overused. When they're said so often, they can start to lose their meaning. That's why you should never utter certain words, unless you're 100% sure that you mean what you're saying. Not sure which words we're talking about? Here are a few of them that you should never use lightly:

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Love Don't tell someone you love them, unless you mean it. If you're not actually in love with them, then you're giving them false hope and could end up breaking their heart.



Hate Don't yell about how much you hate your parents, just because they asked you to wash the dishes. That's not real hatred, so don't punish your parents by pretending that you can't stand them.



Bored If you have a computer in front of you, how can you ever really be bored? There are millions of websites for you to explore, people to talk to, and lessons to learn.



Impossible Nothing is impossible, so don't say that it's impossible for you to pass your chemistry test. You're perfectly capable of getting an A.



Liar Don't call someone a liar, unless all of the evidence points to that fact. People hate to be accused of lying, and you don't want to lose a friend over a misunderstanding.



Cheater If your boyfriend takes a little longer to text you back than usual, don't accuse him of cheating. Once he realizes how little you trust him, he might end the relationship, even if there isn't another girl in his life.



Failure You're not a failure, just because you got rejected by a guy or lost your job. It takes strength to live life everyday, so really, you're anything but a failure.



Fat You aren't fat, just because you're a little heavier than the other ladies you know. Your body is perfect just the way it is.



Ugly This word should be erased from everyone's vocabulary. You aren't ugly, so never use the word to describe yourself again.



Forever Forever is a long time. You don't need to tell your boyfriend you'll stay with him forever. If you're iffy about your relationship, make more realistic statements.



Promise Don't make a promise that you can't keep. If you do, then it won't be long until your friends and family stop trusting you.



Stalker Some women toss the word stalker around after a guy texts them once. However, stalking can be considered a crime, so you don't want to make anyone believe that a guy with an innocent crush is actually breaking the law.



Offensive It's impossible to speak without someone claiming that your words are offensive. That's why you should only use this word when someone says something that is truly ignorant or uncalled for, so that it doesn't lose its meaning.



Perfect No one is perfect, so it's funny that this word even exists. After all, no matter what you do, you'll never be fully flawless, so stop stressing yourself out by trying to reach perfection.



Stupid You're not stupid if you don't know the answer to a question that everyone else can answer. We're all smart in our own ways, so stop putting yourself down.



Enemy Don't call someone your enemy, just because they stole the seat you usually use in class. People are capable of much worse.


Curse Words

Curse Words The more often you curse, the less impact those words will have on others. So if you want bad words to keep their harsh meanings, try to use them less.

These are all strong words, so save them for when you really mean them. Otherwise, they'll lose their significance. What other words do you think people should stop using lightly?

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I really like this post . People use words out of context all the time . I even do ...... however by over using these words their meanings do loose significance which in turn changes the impact of these words. Thank you

"Perfect" is a perfectly legitimate word to use whenever, because perfect DOES exist...the problem is that "perfection" is relative, so there are as many judgements of perfect as there are people judging. This does not invalidate the concept, it merely means that we should stop judging things that are not our business to judge. Don't judge a situation or another until you know the reasons they behave the way they do.

Not taking Gods name in vain.

I guess this article is meaningless

Bt I agree some words needs to be REMOVED from our lives

Hey guys

It just depends on how the other person takes t

But my question is how do u define love?

It can it's a word that can be used with all types of love

Yep... true!

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