7 Australian Slang Terms You Haven't Heard ...


There are plenty of interesting slang terms that beat "bae" and "on fleek." You just have to look around the world for them. Luckily, BuzzFeed has compiled a list of Australian terms that you should start using:

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She'll Be Apples

She'll Be Apples This means that things will be all right.


The Aussie Salute

The Aussie Salute This means that someone is brushing flies away from their face.


Haven't Got a Brass Razoo

Haven't Got a Brass Razoo This means that you don't have any money.


Have a Captain Cook

Have a Captain Cook This is the phrase you should use when you want someone to take a look at something.


Cross as a Frog in a Sock

Cross as a Frog in a Sock You should use this word when someone sounds angry.


Roos Loose in the Top Paddock

Roos Loose in the Top Paddock This is a strange way to call someone stupid.


Shark Biscuit

Shark Biscuit It's a little depressing, but this is what you can call a beginning surfer.

Which one of these phrases do you like the best?

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As an Aussie, I've only ever heard the term "she'll be apples", though more by older generations, and Ive heard of the Aussie salute, though never heard anyone use the term, but I've always known it as giving somebody the rude finger.

I'm Australian and we seriously don't say these. Can you please find sayings that we actually do say?

As an Australian I've only heard about two of these lol


Roose Loose in the top Padlock

Hahaha. These are funny but as Mrs. Brooks said I wanna read some that they actually do fluently say in Australia

She'll be apples is the only one I've heard of. And I thought the "Aussie Salute" was giving somebody the finger 😅 That's what I got told lol

Wow she'll be apples😃

Shark biscuit

Roose loose in the top padlock

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