A Few New Words Being Added to the Dictionary ...


A Few New Words Being Added to the Dictionary ...
A Few New Words Being Added to the Dictionary ...

Marie Claire has found out that a few new words will be added to the dictionary. No, not Websters. We're talking about Dictionary.com, which is just as popular in the modern age. Here are the words they're adding:

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Digital Citizen

Digital Citizen "A person who develops the skills and knowledge to effectively use the Internet and other digital technology, especially in order to participate responsibly in social and civic activities."



"Flawlessly styled, groomed, etc."



Sapiosexual "A person who finds intelligence to be a sexually attractive quality in others."



Mx "A title of respect prefixed to a person's surname: unlike Mr., Mrs., or Ms., it does not indicate gender and may be used by a person with any or no specific gender identity."



"Yes! (used as a strong expression of excitement, approval, agreement, etc.)"

What other words do you think should be added to the dictionary?

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I agree with ratchet being added

Lml what it is this world coming to hahahh

Or 'ratchet?'

Really...as if there weren't enough words in the dictionary as it is

Those words are just slangs not real words

What about 'slay!' ?

How do you pronounce mx?

Ugh. How embarrassing.

I just checked my dictionary and none of it was found.

I cant believe that yaaas is in the dictionary

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