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17 Words That Don't Exist but Should ...

By Holly

New slang is always being invented. Of course, we still don't have words for some pretty important things. Here are a few words that don't exist, but should:

1 Askhole

AskholeWhoever said that "there are no stupid questions" was lying. There are plenty of dumb things that people can, and will, ask.

jerry uninvite should be a word: i'd like to uninvite ...

2 Bedgasm

BedgasmThe only thing better than sex is sleep. After all, it feels amazing to slip under the sheets and close your eyes after a long, hard day.

3 Textpectation

TextpectationThis is one of the worst feelings in the world. It happens after you text your crush, and are praying that he'll actually text you back.

4 Masturdating

MasturdatingThere's nothing wrong with going out on the town without a date. More people should feel comfortable eating alone, taking a walk alone, and going to the movie theater alone.

5 Netflixing

NetflixingYou've heard of binge watching. Of course, that doesn't accurately describe how much television you can watch in one sitting. That's why we need this word.

6 Memoreek

MemoreekYou have plenty of memories, but you have just as many memoreeks. They're memories that make you go "eek."

7 Checkward

CheckwardDon't you hate when you're out with friends and you're not sure how much you're supposed to pay? Well, now there's a word that describes the sensation that you feel.

8 Facewished

FacewishedSome of us have no clue when our friends' birthdays are. We just wait for Facebook to tell us. Then we'll wish them a happy birthday on the site instead of taking the time out to call them.

9 Dreeping

DreepingIf you've ever tried to sleep after drinking, you know this feeling pretty well. It's never any fun. It'll make you want to stop drinking entirely.

10 Cellfish

CellfishDon't you hate when someone is yapping on their phone when you're in a quiet place, like a library or the movie theater? It's incredibly disrespectful, which is why we need this word.

11 Hiberdating

HiberdatingWe all have a friend that has disappeared after getting a boyfriend. it's not the right thing to do, but it is pretty common.

12 Youniverse

YouniverseSome people believe that the universe revolves around them. They don't care about anybody else, because they're as selfish as can be.

13 Nonversation

NonversationTalking about the weather is never exciting. In fact, it's not really a conversation at all. It's more like a nonversation.

14 Juicish

JuicishThis one is a little silly. However, you all know someone who acts this way, don't you?

15 Vedgie

VedgieEvery woman knows what this feels like. When you wear the wrong underwear, it can be incredibly uncomfortable.

16 Vommunition

VommunitionYou always want to eat before drinking. That way, you won't feel as sick later. Of course, you always risk throwing it all up later, as well.

17 Bolitics

BoliticsSome of us aren't all that informed about politics. When the conversation comes up, we make up facts as we go along.

There are new words popping up every single day. The English language is constantly growing. If you could create a new word, what would it be?

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