17 Words from the 1800s We Should All Start Using Again ...

By Holly

17 Words  from the 1800s We Should All  Start Using Again  ...

New slang words are invented everyday. However, there are some great words that have existed for centuries that we've already forgotten about. So instead of thinking up new words to add to the dictionary, you should try using some of the old ones. Here are a few of the best words from the 1800s that we should bring back:

1 Damfino

This is a slang word that used to be used all the time. It's a shortened version of "damned if I know." It's what you'd say if you had no idea how to answer someone's question.

2 Podsnappery

This is "an attitude toward life marked by complacency and a refusal to recognize unpleasant facts." It can also be described as a "wilful determination to ignore the objectionable or inconvenient."

3 Bricky

Instead of saying that someone is "brave," you can say that they're "bricky." It means that they're strong, like a brick wall.

4 Chuckaboo

This is a form of affection. It's something that you could call your friend. So if you're sick of saying "bro" and "pal," you can say "chuckaboo" instead.

5 Ruffles

This was the word for "handcuffs." It sound a whole lot nicer than the word we use, doesn't it?

6 Lush

This meant "an alcoholic drink." That shouldn't be all that hard to remember, because nowadays the word means, "one who becomes intoxicated after a few drinks and flirts with everyone."

7 Mafficking

This is "getting rowdy in the street." Others describe it as "rejoicing or celebrating with boisterous public demonstrations."

8 Caper

You might know what this word means, because it's occasionally used nowadays. It's another word for "a criminal."

9 Dewskich

This is a nice way of saying "a beating." So the next time you get angry at one of your friends, tell them that you're going to give them a dewskich and see how confused they get.

10 Dipper

This is an old word for "pickpocket." It makes sense, because in order to steal from someone, you'd need to dip your hand into their pocket.

11 Dollymop

This is a word used to describe a "a prostitute, often an amateur or a part-time street girl." It's an insult that you can throw around whenever you're in a bad mood.

12 Knap

You can probably guess what this word is. It means "to steal." That's why people who steal children are called kidnappers.

13 Lamps

This is a word used to describe "eyes." After all, when you're happy, your eyes will light up just like a lamp does.

14 Ladybird

This is another word for "prostitute." Of course, there are plenty of other words used to describe them, like "a Judy."

15 Lakin

This word means, "wife." So if you're married, you can ask your husband to call you by this word.

16 Snowing

This is when someone steals clothes that "have been hung out to dry." It happened frequently back then, which is why the word was used more commonly than you might think.

17 Gatter

This simply means "an alcoholic drink." So ask for one the next time you visit a bar.

There are hundreds of words in the English language, and you should make it your mission to learn as many of them as possible! What other words do you think we should bring back?

Sources: tlucretius.net and mentalfloss.com

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