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7 Victorian Words You Should Add to Your Vocabulary ...

By Holly

Language has evolved over time, but that doesn't mean that we should forget about the great Victorian words that our ancestors used. There are always words that drop out of usage, even though they're perfectly acceptable. There are some Victorian words that never should have disappeared throughout the years. Here are a few that we should consider bringing back.

1 Slattern

This is one of the Victorian words that is meant to insult another person. It means 'dirty' or 'untidy' and is our equivalent of calling someone a slut. While you shouldn't insult anyone for their sexual experience, slattern seems like a nicer alternative to use. It doesn't sound as harsh and can even appear a bit classy. If you want to expand your vocabulary, this is one of the words you can add to the collection.

2 Out-of-doors

It's clear that this word means 'outdoors.' The word that we use is shorter, but the original word makes more sense. Where are you going when you step outside? You're going out of a door. People might look at you funny, but it's a fun word to use around your friends and family.

3 Knap

This word means 'to steal.' It makes sense to use in modern society, because kidnapping means to steal another person away. Even though this word is rarely used today, it would fit in with our vocabulary. Instead of saying 'steal,' substitute it with 'knap.' Others should know exactly what you're talking about if you have used it in context.

4 Whilst

You can guess what the definition of 'whilst' is. This word means the same thing as 'while,' but it sounds much fancier. In order to avoid using the same word over and over, use 'whilst' ever once in a while. It sounds more elegant and everyone knows exactly what it means. You won't confuse anyone by inserting it into a sentence.Interestingly,the British have never given up this word. They use it every time an American would say while.

5 'Tis

We love shortening words, so it's strange that this contraction isn't used more often. It's also another of the British English words still in common usage that isn't in used much in American English. Instead of saying 'it is,' you can easily shorten the two words into one. It's not a word to use in a paper, but it's great for when you're texting. This is another word that everyone will understand, so you'll have no issues if you decide to use it. Go ahead and give it a try.

6 Ticker

Are you one of the people who still wear a watch everyday? Most people have forgotten about this accessory since they always have their phones on them to tell them what time it is. 'Ticker' is another word for watch, which you can use if you're one of the people who still wear them. It's a fitting word, since watches tick. Unless, of course, you have a digital one.

7 Gargler

This word means 'throat.' In order to remember the definition, just think about what part of your body you gargle water with. Others might be confused if you use it casually in conversation, but you can easily explain it to them. With words like 'swag' in our vocabularies, no one should be surprised about weird sounding names. It'll sound foreign at first, but everyone else will get used to it just like you will.

If you're looking to add words to your vocabulary, you should start with old Victorian words and slang. There are tons of phrases that have died out without reason. What is your favorite word that no one seems to use anymore?

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