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7 Creative Ways to Create Nicknames for Your Friends ...

By Holly

There are multiple ways to create nicknames for your friends in order to show them how much you care about them. Some are silly, while others are more on the serious side. Either way, it’s always nice to be called something special. It shows that you've reached a certain level of intimacy in a friendship. If you’re having trouble channeling your creativity, try out these ways to create nicknames.

1 Slight Changes

The easiest of all of the ways to create nicknames is to create a variation of your friend’s name. Call them by their initials, or try to make a new word out of their initials. Take their first and last name, and combine them into one word. Simply call them by the first syllable of their name, which may not be unique, but is efficient. The choices are endless.

2 Noticeable Traits

Think about the traits that define your friend. What is she most known for: her tired eyes or her fabulous clothes? If she’s always tired, steal from Snow White and call her Sleepy. If she always looks like she’s ready for a fashion shoot, call her Tyra. Just be careful not to come up with a nickname that’s insulting. You don’t want to lose your pal over something so small!

3 Pet Names

If you don’t feel like getting creative, you can resort to using common nicknames. If you’re super close with your friend, call her ‘wifey.’ If you want to go traditional, just call her ‘darling.’ If you’re the best of friends, you can get away with using any pet name that you’d use in a romantic relationship. Don’t worry if people give you weird looks. Show your affection for them in whatever way that makes you happy.

4 Television Characters

If your bestie acts just like a character on your favorite show, call them by that name. Even if they're nothing like the character, you can still call them whatever you want. Nicknames are supposed to be fun. It doesn’t matter if they make sense or not. The sillier, the better.

5 Simple Suffixes

Take the first syllable of your buddy’s name and add a suffix to it. Try something like ‘-boo’ or ‘-inator.’ Your friend Shannon can be known as Shanboo or Shaninator. The choice is all up to you (as long as your friend approves). Figure out what sounds the best, and wait for the new nickname to stick.

6 Silly RHYMES

Rhymes are a popular way to create nicknames. Take your friend’s name and find something that rhymes with it. Call your friend Holly, Holly Jolly. It doesn’t have to even be a real word! Call your friend Ben, BennyWenny. It’ll sound like you’re talking to a child, but you can still go with it.

7 Repeat Repeat

This technique is an easy one. You can simply repeat a syllable of your friend’s name to create their nickname. Call someone named Molly, Moll-Moll. If their name is short, then you can just repeat their entire name. Do whatever works with their name.

Try creating a new nickname for one (or all) or your friends! By using these techniques, you're sure to come up with nicknames that your pals will adore. What nicknames do your friends call you? Which one is your favorite?

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