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7 Relationship Tips for Your BFF'S ...

By Jordin

Have you ever made the mistake of taking one of your closest friends for granted? Most of the time it's not intentional of course, but between hectic schedules, work demands, and everyday responsibilities it can happen. Relationships take work and dedication, just like anything else in your life. Our BFF's are irreplaceable and we should take a moment to consider that! Here are 7 relationship tips for your BFF's to make sure that you can stay connected through your busy lives!

1 Make Time

Don't just be the person she can share great news with. If you can celebrate her new job or her sister's pregnancy that's all great. But you should also be the person she can call at 3:17 am with a broken heart. Being a good friend is more about listening than shopping trips. Pay attention to the underlying notes and be there for her when she needs you the most. She's sure to return the favor!

2 Know when to Stop

BFF's have a certain bond of trust between them. You can share secrets and laugh about silly things together. You can have "inside jokes" that only the two of you understand. But there's a certain line when it comes to sharing those things with other people and if you cross that line and break her trust, you'd better be prepared for how it could damage your friendship! Know your relationship boundaries and don't cross them!

3 Give Her Space

While it's important to always be there for your BFF, it's also important to know when to back off. Sometimes there may be an issue that she isn't really ready to discuss, or doesn't want to think about. That's when you need to back off the issue and let her talk on her own time. Share some ice cream and a good chick flick and just make sure she knows you're there when she's ready!

4 Don't Gossip

Gossip is a given part of any relationship. Whether it be about celebs, the girls next door, or your co-workers, we all do it! But gossip about your BFF is a BIG no-no! It's almost always bound to get back to her, and if she's truly your BFF, why would you want to gossip about her in the first place? If you have an issue with her, talk to her about the matter gently to her face and work it out. Don't let it get to her through the grapevine or your relationship may take a dip downwards.

5 Be Interested

Have you ever noticed that it seems like as humans, our favorite thing to do is talk about ourselves? It's true! And while there's nothing wrong with that from time to time, a relationship involves two people. Not just one! So think about that the next time you launch into talking about YOUR day. Pause, and ask her how HER day was first. Take a little interest in her life and the things she does and make that a habit!

6 Be Honest

What exactly are friends for if we can't be honest with each other? You don't want to walk around with lipstick on your teeth, chocolate on your face, or in a dress that makes your thighs look huge! Being honest with each other isn't just about those things (although you would strangle each other for not pointing them out!). Tell your friend the truth in other areas, like when she offended you by what she said, or that she needs to work on running on time better. There's a tactful way to approach everything, so just keep that in mind.

7 Nix Jealousy

Jealousy can be a good thing, but it can come between you faster than lightening if you don't keep it in check. It's ok to be jealous in a good way, just don't become obsessive or stalker-like with each other. Let your friend have other friends too! You are not the only person in her life. And while you're at it, stop envying her paycheck and her husband! It's ok to envy her shoes, but if you feel like she has it better than you, stop and look at what you really have. A great friend that you don't want to lose, right?

I've been up and down the roads of friendship myself, and through it all I've learned a few valuable lessons. Nothing can ever replace a great friend and you'll never have a great friend if you don't BE a good friend. So long as you keep that in mind, you should do fine! What are some of your great relationship tips for your BFF'S?

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