How to Say Hello in 17 Languages from around the World ...


How to Say Hello in 17 Languages from around the World ...
How to Say Hello in 17 Languages from around the World ...

It can't hurt to be bilingual. In fact, the more languages you learn, the better your chances are of landing a job. Plus, it's always nice to be able to speak to people that come from other places, especially since it's so easy to connect with them over the internet. If you're ready and willing to learn, here are a few different ways to say, "hello" from languages around the world:

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Hola You probably already know that "hola" is the Spanish word for "hello." Most people are aware of the fact, which is why you could use it as a greeting and you won't end up confusing anybody.



Bonjour This is another popular way to say, "hello" that even people who aren't fluent in French know.


If you're Italian, then you already know that this is the word for "hello." Your family might even use it.


Here's one that you might not have known how to say yet. It's the way to say "hello" in Sweden.


Ni Hao

Ni Hao This is Mandarin for "hello." Nickelodeon has a show, called Ni Hao Kai Lan, that helps teach young children about cultures other than their own.


This is the word that is used as "hello" in Irael. It's pretty easy to say, so you shouldn't have a problem learning how to pronounce it.


This is the word that is used to say "hello" in Kenya. This sounds like an interesting word, doesn't it?



Merhaba This is the Turkish word for "hello." This isn't as hard to pronounce as it looks.


This is the Polish word for "hello." Don't let the "z" scare you away, because it's not that hard to say.



Hallo This is the German word for "hello." However, they also use the word, "Guten tag." You can take your pick.



Ola This is the Portuguese word for "hello." It's one of the simplest things that you could learn to say in their beautiful language.



Ohayo This is the Japanese word for "hello." You've probably heard it before, even if you don't realize it.


This is the Hungarian word for "hello." If you can't figure out how to say it, check out a YouTube video so you can hear the correct pronunciation aloud.



Jambo This is the Swahili word for "hello." Now isn't that a cute way to greet someone?



Salaam This is the Persian word for "hello." Have you heard this one before? Most people have.



Salve This is Latin for "hello." Even though some call it a dead language, it still exists as long as we continue to use it. Even if you only know one word of it, you're helping it survive.



Ahoj This is how they say "hello" in the Czech Republic. As soon as you learn how to pronounce it, you'll be able to say "hello" in eighteen different languages, including English!

When it comes to languages, the more you know, the better off you'll be in life. After all, if you're able to speak to more people, you'll have better job opportunities and you'll also have the chance to make more friends! What other languages do you know how to say, "hello" in? Can you teach us?

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In Japan, Ohayo means good morning. Konnichiwa is good afternoon, konbanwa is good evening, and oyasumi is goodnight.

In German hallo is informal and guten tag is formal. You don't just choose.(:

Hallo sounds greet love it whenever i hear it also the germans say ciao maybe to sound cool or something...

It's not Czechoslovakia but Cuech republic :))

Szia is pronounced "see-ya"

In Xhosa one of the official languages of South Africa, you say "Molo" or "Molweni" when greeting more then one person

Muli shani (mooli shuney) Zambia

Tung , Albania

Merheba isn't turkish it's arabic

Merhaba is also turkish. Turkish and Arabic language have a lot of common words:)

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