7 Things That Sound Way Better in a Foreign Language ...


Best sounding languages aside, you’ll have to agree some things sound extremely good when said in a language that’s not your own. Normal or even harsh words may seem funny, funny things may seem normal, everyday things can sound exotic and don’t even get me started on compliments and terms of endearment! Seriously, I have a whole list of things that sound way better in a foreign language! And, bilingual or not, you have to keep scrolling down for some of the best sounding languages!

1. Songs

Could Korean find its way to your list of best sounding languages? How about Gangam Style – what do you think about this record breaking hit? You love it, don’t you? I mean, come on, how can you not love Gangam Style! As great as it sounds and as funny as it looks (“dress classy, dance cheesy,” as Psy himself would put it), we can’t deny the lyrics are not exactly a world away from “Friday”! Why aren’t we rolling our eyes then? Well, pretty simple – it’s funny, upbeat, involves a lot of awkward dancing moves and…duh…we (or most of us, at least) don’t understand a word of it.

Declarations of Affection
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