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17 Words That Brits and Americans Pronounce Differently ...

By Holly

Everybody loves the sound of a British accent. It's soothing, sweet, and sexy. If you want to sound a little bit more like them, then you're going to have to figure out the differences between the way you talk and the way they talk. Here are a few words that Brits and Americans pronounce differently:

1 Zebra

Americans pronounce this word like ZEE - BRA. However, the British are a lot more simple. They just say the word the way that it's written.

2 Vitamin

Americans pronounce this word as if there's an "e" in it and say VITE - a - min. Meanwhile, the British pronounce it the way that it looks. They say VIT - a - min.

Ava ever heard of "long I"? You'd think considering w...

3 Aluminum

Americans pronounce this word as if it has four syllables. Meanwhile, the British pronounce it exactly like it's spelt, as if it has five syllables.

David What American hater wrote this stuff? Americans pr...

4 Privacy

Americans pronounce this word like PRY - VACY. Meanwhile, the Brits just say it like they see it and pronounce it PRIV - A - SEE.

5 Garage

The second "g" in the word makes a "zsa" sound in America. But in Britain, they say it more like GARE-idge.

6 Herb

In America, we drop the "h" and pronounce the word without it. However, in Britain, they pronounce that "h."

7 Laboratory

Americans pronounce this word as if the "o" doesn't even exist. Meanwhile, the Brits sound it out like they do with most words and make it have five syllables.

David You sound biased, like you are dissing Americans (...

8 Tomato

The British pronounce this word like "tomahto" while Americans pronounce it like "tomayto."

9 Route

In Britain, they pronounce route as "root."

10 Yogurt

This sounds pretty different in Britain. There, they say this word like "yog hurt."

11 Pecan

In Britain, they pronounce this word in a similar way to how they pronounce "can't."

12 Missile

The British pronounce the end of this word like "aisle." Meanwhile, Americans pronounce it as if the second "i" doesn't even exist.

13 Military

Usually the Americans are the ones dropping letters. However, when the British pronounce this word, they leave out the "a."

14 Advertisement

This word actually makes a lot more sense when you hear a Brit say it. After all, the shortened version is "advert." That's why they pronounce it as Ad - VERT - iz - ment.

15 Controversy

This is a word that is a little difficult to pronounce. In English, we tend to put an emphasis on the "o" while in Britain, they tend to put an emphasis on the "v."

16 Can’t

The British say this word almost as if it's a curse word. That's why you have to be careful when mimicking the accent.

17 Mobile

In America, we pronounce this word like there's a "u" toward the end. But in Britain, they pronounce the ending like "aisle."

There's something about British accents that can drive any woman crazy. Of course, they can drive men crazy as well. That's why you should practice your pronunciation of these words. You might be able to use them to impress your crush with impersonations one day. What's your favorite word to hear a Brit pronounce?

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