17 Sign Language Infographics That'll Make You Smarter ...


17 Sign Language  Infographics That'll Make You Smarter  ...
17 Sign Language  Infographics That'll Make You Smarter  ...

It's nice to know sign language, just in case you ever need to use it in the future. Even if you don't, it'll make you feel smarter. If you're interested in expanding your brain, here are a few sign language infographics that'll teach you the basics:

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How to Express Love

How to Express Love If you want to tell your partner that you love them, then you should know how to do this sign. It's a combination of the letters "I," "L," and "Y."


What to Teach Your Baby

What to Teach Your Baby You can teach babies signs, so that they can communicate with you before they learn how to speak. After all, they're smarter than you think, so they'll catch on quickly.


Sign language is a great way to communicate with babies before they learn to speak. It is a great way to bond with your baby and give them the opportunity to express their needs and wants. Sign language also helps babies develop cognitively and emotionally. It can also help them learn to read and write earlier.

Sign language is a visual language that uses hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language to communicate. It is based on the same grammatical structure as spoken language. Sign language is used in many countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa.

Babies can start to learn sign language as early as 6 months old. It is important to remember that babies learn at their own pace, so patience is key. Teaching sign language to a baby requires repetition and consistency. It is important to use the same signs for the same words and to sign frequently throughout the day.

Sign language can also be used to teach babies about emotions. Parents can use sign language to teach their babies how to recognize and express emotions. This will help them better understand how to empathize with others.

Sign language can also be used to teach babies about numbers, colors, shapes, and animals.


Day of the Deaf

Day of the Deaf If you want to know how to say hello and goodbye, this is how you do it. As long as you can memorize which signs mean what, they're pretty easy to do.



Feelings If your facial expressions can't give away your feelings, then you can use signs.


Family Members

Family Members Here are the signs for all of your different family members. There are even signs for a few animals and drinks, as well!



Routine If you're about to brush your teeth or go to bed, you can use sign language to express your plans. This chart has a sign for every time of day.



Letters If you're a beginner, you should really learn the alphabet. This chart will show you how to sign each and every letter.



Questions If you have questions, this chart will show you how to ask them. It'll also show you how to say that you'd like to use the bathroom.


Having trouble figuring out how to frame your questions in sign language? No worries! The infographic not only simplifies the process for you but also ensures you can confidently express the need for a restroom break. It's a life-saver for those moments when you need to get your point across quickly and politely. Remember, mastering the art of inquiry in sign language opens the door to richer conversations and connections. It's all about asking the right way!


Pledge Allegiance

Pledge Allegiance If you're still in school, you probably say the pledge of allegiance every single day. That's why you might as well learn how to say those words with your hands instead of your lips.


Survival Signs

Survival Signs Now you'll be able to tell others if you're hungry or thirsty. You'll also be able to say when you're feeling too hot or cold.



Animals Are you an animal lover? Then you'll want to learn how to say the names of these adorable animals.


Knowing how to sign different animals not only enriches your vocabulary but also enables you to share your experiences about pets, wildlife, and even your favorite zoo adventures with others. From a fluffy bunny to a majestic elephant, there's a sign for every creature that captures your heart. Plus, if you're eager to tell a tale about that sly fox you spotted on your walk or the dolphins you saw at the beach, sign language makes your storytelling more inclusive and engaging for everyone.



Colors Now you can sign your favorite color!



Numbers Numbers seem like a pretty easy thing to learn. Of course, once you get past ten, it can be a little tricky.


Ordering a Meal

Ordering a Meal If you want to order food at a restaurant, now you'll know how to say what you're allergic to. You'll also be able to say how you'd like your meat cooked.


Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing It's getting cold out. That's why it might be helpful to learn how to sign these clothing items.


Random Words

Random Words Here are a few words that might come in handy. After all, you're probably going to say "text" pretty often, don't you think?


The Basics

The Basics You can't get through life without being able to say "please" and "thank you." Now you know how to be polite.

Sign language will come in handy. That's why you should memorize as many of these signs as you can. Have you ever taken a class that was meant to teach you sign language?

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I didn't realise that the American and UK alphabet were different...

I've known the I love you sign since I was five. It's nice learning these new sign languages.

Other than the errors it is a cute article.

Wowsa an eye opener very good ideas

Will make u smarterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?????! Swear omg lets try i luv u

Thankyou!! This is great!!

A lot of these are wrong

I am from a deaf home and some of these signs are not correct.

These are the ASL words I know and I've practiced since age 5. Can't be wrong here especially when signs vary depending on your location

Divamom, thank you for confirming my suspicions that some of these signs are wrong. The article is a good reminder of what I once studied, but like soooo many articles on this site, is not completely accurate. Please, people, do your research before you post! The site is losing credibility in my opinion.

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