7 Body Language Mistakes You May Be Making ...


Are you making body language mistakes in your dealings with others? Body language mistakes can cost us more than we realize. They can send off the wrong message to others and convey something totally different than what we really want to say. Let’s talk about some of the most common body language mistakes you may be making.

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Not Making Eye Contact

Train yourself to make eye contact with others. Not making eye contact is one of the most common body language mistakes. It sends a message to others that you are nervous or self-conscious. It shows that you might be intimidated. None of those things may even be true but if you don’t make eye contact, that is what people will assume.



Slouching is a very bad side effect of having bad posture. It makes you look withdrawn into yourself. It may even give off the vibe that you would like to disappear. Slouching can occur because you really feel that way or it may just be because you don’t have good posture. Posture is something that can be worked on and corrected. Pretend as if there is a puppet string holding you up straight and it will be a good reminder to work on your posture.


Leaning Back or Away

Anytime you lean back or away from someone when you are having a conversation, you are going to look like you don’t want to participate anymore. You will give the impression that you are mentally leaving the conversation. If you want to portray the opposite message, be sure to lean forward or toward the person that is talking to you. They will feel like you are very interested. It makes them feel encouraged to continue sharing with you.


Turning Your Body Away

Turning your body away is a sign that you are disengaging from a person. It says that you are finished with them and the conversation. A lot of times you see this in a personal relationship. Many times a couple will do this if they are in an argument. If you don’t want to seem closed off, you have to keep your body angled toward the person you are communicating with.



Most of us have heard that pointing is rude, but it can also come off as accusatory. It can make someone feel scolded if you point at them. This is especially true if you are in the middle of a debate of some sort, even if it is good natured. Try to refrain from pointing at others.



Fidgeting can be a habit, but it is interpreted as meaning that you are nervous, anxious, distracted or bored in body language. A lot of people who have busy personalities struggle with fidgeting, but it is something that you can teach yourself not to do. It just takes a bit of time and practice.


Being Stiff

Anytime that you look like you are standing stiffly or sitting stiffly, people are going to assume that you are uncomfortable. You don’t look relaxed when you are in a position that is stiff. Work to make yourself be calm and relax. This is easier to do in some situations than others. However, it too can be overcome.

These are 7 common body language mistakes that you could be making. Which ones do you fall in the habit of doing? Do you think you can break those habits?

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I always fidget around...


I always make eye contact. Ppl that don't make me think they r sneaky or hiding something

People, most of this advice is if you're trying to make new friends for talking to a guy you like. Yow don't HAVE to fidget around, you're all just making excuses

I always fold my arms in front of me. I've been told it's comes off like I'm not interested or nervous but I'm just shy and it's a habit. :(

Guilty of folding arms at work. But that's because it's cold. Brrrrrrr

I don't always make eye contact. it's a habit that I will try to correct.

I've got ADHD and borderline Asperger. sometimes I have to fidget or stim.

I am guilty of not making eye contact, I am naturally shy by nature and scare of people reactions if I do stare. If the guy I am crushing on only understands that I am not ignoring him. :(

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