10 Useful Websites for Girls Wanting to Supercharge Their Vocab ...


10 Useful Websites for Girls Wanting to Supercharge Their Vocab  ...
10 Useful Websites for Girls Wanting to Supercharge Their Vocab  ...

You don't want to go through life with a small vocabulary. If you do, others will assume that you have a small mind. Make them see how smart you are by expanding your knowledge of the English language. If you're ready to add some new words to your vocabulary, here are a few useful websites that'll help you get the job done:

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"Vocabulary combines the world's smartest dictionary with an adaptive learning game that will have you mastering new words in no time." It'll either ask you to define certain words by reading them in a sentence or will ask you to provide the opposite of a word. Of course, you can also use the website as a dictionary. Type in a word to see its definition, hear how it's pronounced, and learn how to use it in a sentence.



If you're sick and tired of using the same old words all the time, you should visit Thesaurus more often. All you have to do is type in a word, like "happy," to find its synonyms, like "cheerful," "delighted," and "jubilant." That way, you won't sound repetitive in your essays or when you speak aloud.


Word Think

If taking in too much information at once overwhelms you, then you should visit Word Think. That way, you can learn one new word every single day. That doesn't sound hard, does it? It'll be easier for you to remember everything you've learned if there's only one thing to remember every twenty-four hours. Of course, there are 365 days in the year, so you'll still expand your vocabulary by a lot!


Word Spy

Word Spy contains a list of words that are now being used. Some of them are official, and some of them are forms of slang. Of course, it doesn't really matter if they're in the dictionary yet or not, because if other people are using them, you should know what they mean. It's the only way you'll get ahead in the world.


Urban Dictionary

You've visited Urban Dictionary before. It contains all of the slang words that have been used in the last century. Unlike the last website, this one is a little more raunchy. It'll give you all of the information you're too scared to ask your parents about, like what certain sex acts mean.

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Free Rice

You've probably heard of Free Rice before, because teachers will recommend it when it comes time to study for the SATs. Of course, it doesn't matter if you've taken that test years ago, because you should still try out the website. It'll do more than teach you new vocabulary. It'll also help feed the hungry, because every time you get an answer right, 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Program.


Word Plays

Word Plays is another website that has free word games for you to try. It has Boggle, Word Sudoku, and a Word Morph. It can even help you if you're caught up in a game of Words With Friends, because it has tools for Scrabble.



When you want to learn new words, this is definitely the site for you. The site, dictionary.com is loaded with words to expand your vocabulary and make you feel smarter. There is a word of the day, every day, and it's always fun to learn what it means. You can also look up words you don't know so that you can use them in conversation.


Meta Glossary

You are going to love metaglossary.com. This site pulls information from all over the web to help you figure out what a word means and how to use it. All you have to do is enter the word and you'll get all sorts of helpful information.



Here's a really cool site that delivers a new work to your inbox every day. Wordsmith is also allows you to live chat with authors and gives you access to books about words and what they mean. You can look up all kinds of words on this site so that you have the best vocabulary in town.

If you start using the words you find on these sites, you'll end up sounding even smarter than you usually do! What other websites have you visited that have helped you increase the size of your vocabulary?

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