17 Insanely Nice Comments to Make Someone's Day ...


Saying something nice to someone without ulterior motive is special. A heartfelt compliment makes the recipient feel good and can give you a little self-heart-hug too. It doesn’t take much effort to make someone’s day with a genuinely nice compliment.

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‘You Made My Day’

‘You Made My Day’ It can be a really heart warming feeling to know that one single action you have made can make such a positive difference in a stranger or a friend’s day.


‘You’re an Excellent …’

‘You’re an Excellent …’ Whether the person is an excellent cook, athlete, singer, actor, worker, whatever, it is always great to have your talents or passions reaffirmed by somebody else, it can give you’re the confidence boost you have been looking for.


‘You’re so Funny’

‘You’re so Funny’ A sense of humor is something that many people consider an important part of their personality, so when you tell them that they are funny, it can validate them in so many ways.


‘I like You the Way You Are’

‘I like You the Way You Are’ This is something we would all love to hear, that somebody thinks we are great exactly the way we are and that we shouldn’t have to try to change ourselves for others, we’re already perfect!


‘Your Kids Are Great’

‘Your Kids Are Great’ It is always a worry for a parent how people are going to react to and perceive their children, so if you tell them that their kids are nice, respectful, well behaved, it will give them a parenting confident boost and put their mind at rest.


‘You Have Great Style’

‘You Have Great Style’ The world of fashion can be so demoralizing for a normal person who isn’t a size zero supermodel, so telling somebody they look great can give them that extra boost to make them feel great about themselves.


‘Thanks for Being There’

‘Thanks for Being There’ Any good friend would do anything for their BFF without thinking about getting anything in return, but a heartfelt thank you goes a long way and can really strengthen the already strong bond between you.


‘You Have a Great Smile’

‘You Have a Great Smile’ A lot of women feel self conscious about their smiles, so to tell somebody that her own smile lights up a room is a compliment that can have a really meaningful positive impact.


‘Have You Lost Weight?’

‘Have You Lost Weight?’ Weight loss is a tough, tough road, so if you spot that your friend or colleague is looking fitter than they ever have, don’t hesitate to ask and compliment them on their hard work!


‘You Have a Wonderful Home’

‘You Have a Wonderful Home’ In the adult world, there isn’t a much better compliment to receive than for a friend to say that your home looks great. A woman’s home is her castle, and she works hard to keep it that way!


‘You Deserve the Promotion’

‘You Deserve the Promotion’ A little ego and confidence boost at work always helps to keep the ship running smoothly, so don’t hesitate to compliment your colleague if you notice them a bit down.


‘You Inspire Me’

‘You Inspire Me’ Telling somebody that their actions, no matter how big or small, have actually inspired you to make a change in your life can be a really powerful compliment to pay.


‘You Look so Young’

‘You Look so Young’ Let’s be real, we are all a little superficial when we want to be, and being told that you look ten years younger than you actually are can never hurt!


‘I’m so Jealous of …’

‘I’m so Jealous of …’ Sure, major jealously can be a bad thing, but telling your friend that you are jealous of her garden or her new pair of shoes is more a way of saying that you appreciate her style.


‘You Have a Great Aura’

‘You Have a Great Aura’ Sure, it might seem like a bit of mumbo jumbo, but for women who are in to the spiritual side of things, to be told they have a great aura is a major compliment!


‘Your Happiness is Infectious’

‘Your Happiness is Infectious’ Telling somebody that they make you happy simply by being happy themselves is a wonderful thing to say. I’s the ultimate signal that you are just happy and pleased to be a part of their life.


‘I Love Your Laugh’

‘I Love Your Laugh’ Your laugh is something that you can be really self conscious about at times, so put your friend at ease by telling her how cute her little snort is when she finds something really funny!

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