7 Things to Say to a Girl if You REALLY Want to Piss Her off ...


7 Things to Say to a Girl if You REALLY Want to Piss Her off ...
7 Things to Say to a Girl if You REALLY Want to Piss Her off ...

If things are going well with the lady in your life, and you just can't handle the peace, maybe it's time you tossed out one of these little "conversation starters," guaranteed to begin what may well be the spat that will piss her off and end your relationship. Ready to kick-start some drama? Let's go.

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Are You on Your Period or Something?

hair, person, hairstyle, Implying that your lady friend is angry, hurt, or sad solely because she has PMS is an excellent way to piss her off. Sure, it could be hormones, and the agony of cramps. But it could also be that you said or did something incredibly stupid, which might also explain her showing some emotion.


When it comes to relationships, it's important to be aware of the things that can cause tension and arguments. Women are often particularly sensitive to certain topics and statements, and it's important to be aware of these and avoid them if you want to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. One of the most common things men say that really pisses off women is “Are you on your period or something?”

This statement implies that a woman's emotions or reactions are solely due to her hormones and her menstrual cycle, when in reality, it could be due to a number of other things. It's important to be aware of the fact that women experience a wide range of emotions, and that these emotions are not always due to her hormones.

When it comes to communication, it's important to be aware of the language you use and to think about how it will be perceived. Women often find this statement to be offensive and demeaning, as it implies that their emotions are not valid and that they are being overly emotional. It's important to be aware of the fact that women have a right to express their emotions and that it is not always due to their menstrual cycle.


Girls Have It so MUCH BETTER than Guys

black, white, person, facial expression, black and white, You know, you're right. We really do! We love being paid about 20% less than men for the same job, having our bodies policed by the entire world, and not being allowed to have an opinion on the internet (or anywhere, really).


You Really Shouldn't Wear That

person, singing, daughter, This falls into the "body policing" category, is so pervasive, and inspires so much anger, it deserves its own mention. If you really want to piss a girl off, tell her that something she's wearing is "inappropriate." Bonus points if it actually isn't in any way, or if you add "for your age" at the end.


We Don't Need Feminism Anymore

hair, red hair, human hair color, What, The, Shut it, right? Even just typing that sentence made me angry. We're not equals yet, and until we are, the suggestion that there's no benefit to men or women in the feminist movement is sure to cause angry feelings.


You'd Be Pretty if...

person, blond, hair, woman, human action, Very few things in this world will anger a woman more than someone making a suggestion about how she could change her appearance to make herself more attractive to someone else.


This paragraph addresses the damaging and offensive notion that a woman's worth is based on her physical appearance. It highlights the fact that women are often subjected to unsolicited advice on how to change their looks to please others, which can be infuriating. This type of behavior perpetuates harmful beauty standards and reinforces the idea that a woman's value lies solely in her appearance. It is important to recognize and reject this type of toxic behavior in order to promote self-love and acceptance for all women.


Have You Gained Weight?

person, hair, singing, This will be most effective if the lady to whom you've posed this question is currently trying to lose weight.


The "yet" Questions

person, Just, shut, up., These questions all include the word "yet," which carries with it the implication that each of these milestones has some sort of time limit, which they do not. A few examples: why haven't you had kids yet? Why aren't you married yet? Has he proposed yet?

What other sexist and/or questions do you hear that really make you (and other ladies) angry? Do share! My blood pressure doesn't feel quite high enough today.

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"Feminists are stupid."

This is so immature. I can't believe someone would create an article like this.

6, 5, and maybe 3 would make me mad haha

you guys act so depressed all the time and call other guys hot whenever were gone and then its always our fault at the end plus girls dont really know what guys go threw we dont just act tough all the time we have feelings but anyways thanks for assuming girls got it hard

I absolutely hate number 1,no I'm not my period I'm just a bi*** leave me alone

Why? Just why? This has to be the most immature and asinine post I've ever seen here and that says a lot. Whomever posted this is a complete asshole

Instead of empowering other women, let's bring them down ? That's nice.

after she cahnges into something "appropritate say "yet you still aren't looking age appropriate"... "GO CHANGE!!!!". and then stop her and say "oh...wait, its a prank" _

Wow when I read the title I thought how low can somebody go to write an article like this. Very immature. Real women support each other.

Those who can't see this will write stupid articles like this one

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