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Wordsmiths Will Love These Brilliant Infographics for Alternative Words ...

By Neecey

A wide vocabulary is usually assumed to be a sign of intelligence. Whether you want to be better in your writing - school or business - or you just want to sound smarter, knowing the right words to use or even better, knowing alternatives to the common, usual ones, is a good way to go. The English language is a beautiful thing: there are so many ways of saying the same thing. These word infographics are great examples.

1 Did You Ever Think There Are so Many Ways to Say Went?

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2 How to Never Use the Word Very Ever Again

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3 Was It Good? No It Was ...

font, document, area, GOOD, Good, Original:

4 And when You Need to Kick Good up a Notch

purple, lilac, lavender, skin, lotion, Original:

5 And of Course, We Need to Know How to Say Bad

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6 Some of Our Most Common Words Upgraded

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7 So Many Different Emotions Can Be Conveyed in the Way Said is Delivered

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8 Upgrade Some Most Commonly Used Words

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9 Was It Smelly? No It Was ...

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10 How to Express Your Anger

Walgreens, font, web page, document, area, Original:

11 NEver Struggle with Describing Flavors and Textures Again

text, font, diagram, shape, document, Original:

12 Get an Eyeful of These Alternative Words for "to Look"

Valencia, text, cartoon, font, diagram, Original:

13 Get to Grip with Your Feelings with This Wheel of Emotions

diagram, clock, shape, drawing, line, Original:

14 It Doesn't Just Hurt. the Pain is ...

text, font, lilac, label, lip,

15 How do You Describe Your Hair/style?

text, font, diagram, shape, line, Original:

16 We All Need These Beautiful Words in Our Lives

Titika, Bitter, font, document, book, Original:

16 More than Three Little Words

text, font, web page, diagram, document, Original:

17 Can You Believe Someone Has a Put Together a List of 234 Different Words for "say"

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