7 Random Acts of Kindness ...

I love random acts of kindness, I honestly think everyone should aim to do at least one per week. It not only helps out or cheers up another person, I promise you it will make you feel good inside as well. People who are close to us expect us to be kind and generous, but strangers are often shocked when you do something above and beyond for them. It’s the acts of kindness you bestow on the people you don’t know that I think warm the heart the most.

1. Pay It Forward

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Random acts of kindness don’t have to be about giving money, but with unemployment at the rate it is and the economy still shaky, paying a fee for someone else may just make their day. The next time you drive through a toll booth, pay for the person behind you as well. Standing behind someone in a coffee shop? When the barista tells them their total, slip in and pay for their order. Think of how surprised and grateful you would be if someone did that for you.

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