7 Spectacular Dancing Flash Mobs ...


7 Spectacular Dancing Flash Mobs ...
7 Spectacular Dancing Flash Mobs ...

Dancing flash mobs are basically groups of people who get together in public places and perform dance routines. Over the last few years, dancing flash mobs have been recorded and shared on YouTube for those of us who weren’t part of the lucky crowds to have seen them. They usually start with a couple of people dancing by themselves, and not too long after, more and more people in crowd join them. Flash mobs are fun and exciting to watch and be a part of! Below are 7 spectacular dancing flash mobs you’ll love!

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Swing - Denver International Airport

This dancing flash mob took place at the Denver International Airport in 2011. It was just a normal day at the airport, when 3 girls broke out in swing dancing! Who knew that it would turn into 100 men and women spinning, flipping, and circling about for 5 minutes? One thing I love about dancing flash mobs is that when it ends, everyone just goes back to doing what he or she were doing before, as if nothing ever happened!


End of Time - Target

I would’ve loved to be part of this dancing flash mob! The dancers were amazing and all in sync. Imagine standing in the check out line and seeing this! I would be so shocked, especially at how good they were! If anyone was upset that day, I’m sure seeing that flash mob turned it around! Makes you want to participate in a flash mob, doesn’t it?


Glee - Seattle, Westlake

This dancing flash mob in Seattle was so cool! It started with a few people dancing to “Don’t Stop Believing,” and continued with more of Glee’s best musical numbers! The dancers were great; the two leads even did a good job portraying Rachel and Finn!


Do Re Mi – Antwerp Station

The flash mob at the Antwerp train station in Belgium was just too cute! As soon as I saw the kids who started the mob, I immediately thought of the Von Trapp children! The dance wasn’t complicated, but it looked amazing with all of those people!


Single Ladies – Piccadilly Circus

Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” choreography was so popular when it first came out, girls and guys all over the world knew it! At the Piccadilly Circus in London, a group of girls all dressed up in the costumes Beyoncé and her dancers wore in the music video, and danced like no other! Every step, clap, and hair whip was in sync! I would’ve loved to witness this dancing flash mob in person!


T-Mobile – Liverpool Street Station

T-Mobile organized an outstanding flash mob at the Liverpool Street Station in London. The dance looked like it was so fun to learn and perform! What’s even more amazing is how surprised the bystanders look, and then they suddenly break out dancing! If you look at 0:36-0:42 of the video, you’ll see a guy in a trench coat looking around, then he starts dancing with 100% of his energy! It’s so entertaining!


Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night – Chicago

This flash mob was nothing short of phenomenal! When I began watching this flash mob dance, I thought the Black-Eyed Peas were doing a special number for Oprah’s show, and a fan in the front row loved them so much she started to dance. I was so shocked when the huge crowd of what had to be at least a thousand, joined her! I loved seeing Oprah’s expression to the mob; she was so surprised! How did so many people get together and learn that dance? I think it’s absolutely spectacular!

Dancing flash mobs can take place pretty much anywhere, and put a smile on almost everyone’s faces! The next time you want to do something fun and adventurous, start a flash mob, and share it on YouTube! Have you ever been in a flash mob? Which dancing flash mobs are your favorites?

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What about the Big Bang Theory's flash mob?

The Chicago or the target one was my fav. All were amazing!!

Is it just me, or are some videos unable to play? D:

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