17 Body Language Infographics to Help Read People ...


17 Body Language Infographics to Help Read People ...
17 Body Language Infographics to Help Read People ...

It's impossible to read minds, but it's not all that hard to read a person's body language. You just have to pay close attention to the way they're standing, sitting, and moving. It's pretty easy if you know what to look for, so here are a few body language infographics that'll help you read people and even look more confident yourself:

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10 Powerful Body Language Tips

10 Powerful Body Language Tips Follow these tips, so you get a better grade on your presentation. Body language matters, you know!

Source: dailyinfographic.com


Body language is a powerful tool in communication and can greatly impact how others perceive us. In fact, studies have shown that nonverbal cues make up a large portion of our communication, even more so than the words we say. This is why it's important to pay attention to our body language, especially in situations like presentations where we want to make a good impression. Some tips to keep in mind include maintaining good posture, making eye contact, and using hand gestures to emphasize points. These small changes can make a big difference in how confident and credible we appear to others.


Say What You Mean

Say What You Mean We communicate with more than our words. Our body language can say a lot, too.

Source: designtaxi.com


In this paragraph, the author emphasizes the importance of not only using words but also body language to effectively communicate. Our body language can convey emotions, intentions, and attitudes, sometimes even more effectively than words. This is especially important in personal interactions and relationships, where nonverbal cues can greatly impact the overall message being conveyed. Additionally, studies have shown that body language can also influence how others perceive us and can even affect our own confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of our body language and use it to our advantage in communication.


Body Language Mistakes

Body Language Mistakes You don't want to fidget or avoid eye contact during a job interview. To make the best impression, you'll sit up straight, keep your hands on your lap, and look your interviewer in the eyes.

Source: 24slides.com


Using Body Language to Be More Attractive

Using Body Language to Be More Attractive Want to impress your crush? Hold his gaze, look head on, and keep your palms up.

Source: holykaw.alltop.com


Body Language from around the World

Body Language from around the World If you travel to other countries, be careful. You don't want to end up insulting them by using the wrong body language.

Source: businessinsider.com


Interview Body Language Techniques

Interview Body Language Techniques Don't smile nervously or purse your lips. Instead, you should be poised and sit slightly angled.

Source: careerbliss.com


Body Language Mistakes to Avoid

Body Language Mistakes to Avoid If you cross your arms, you'll look closed off. If you stare at your phone, it'll seem like you're not paying attention to the person speaking.

Source: diversitynowbyegloballearning.blogspot.com


Decoding Body Language

Decoding Body Language If someone shifts their eyes, they might be lying to you. If they lean forward, they're paying close attention to you.

Source: infographed.com


The Body Language of Men

The Body Language of Men Men have a few traditional poses that are easy to explain.

Source: psychologia.co


How Girls Disclose Their Feelings

How Girls Disclose Their Feelings Here are a few flirting tips you can use with your crush. It'll help him get the hint.

Source: meetville.com


Dog's Body Language

Dog's Body Language People aren't the only ones who express emotions with their body. Your puppy does it too!

Source: addinfographic.com


Public Speaking

Public Speaking When you're sitting in class, don't look bored, even if you are. It'll make you seem rude.

Source: pinterest.com


Cat Body Language

Cat Body Language You can tell what your cat is thinking if you look at its tail and pupils.

Source: visual.ly


Ways to Detect Lying Clients

Ways to Detect Lying Clients If someone has their shoulders dropped and their eyes glancing downward, you're probably not on the same page.

Source: trendhunter.com


How to Know if She is Flirting with You

How to Know if She is Flirting with You Here's another infographic that'll teach you how to flirt. Basically, you should be drawing attention to your lips and touching your crush as often as you can.

Source: visual.ly


How to Read Body Language

How to Read Body Language You want others to look into your eyes, but you don't want them to look for too long. That could actually be a bad sign.

Source: itsinfographics.com


Body Language Cheat Sheet

Body Language Cheat Sheet Did you know you only have seven seconds to make a first impression? That's why you need to be extra careful about the way you hold your body.

Source: speakerhub.com

Now, you won't have to guess what other people are thinking, because you'll always know! What other body language tips do you have to share?

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Agreed, I try to stand with arms relaxed but then I start to fidget lol

There is way too much going on here that I've lost interest. However, I feel very uncomfortable standing with my arms just hanging at my sides while talking to anybody. I'm very comfortable with my arms crossed. That has never meant I was nervous or anything like that. It's how I feel comfortable. So people shouldn't take all these to the heart.

same it feels uncomfortable just standing there

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