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7 Things Your Profile Pictures Say about You to Others ...

By Alicia

There are things your profile pictures say about you that you may not be aware of. Of course you want to make sure you are giving the image you wish to others. You don't want your friends, family, and the public at large getting an incorrect idea about you. These are things your profile pictures say about you that you may not even realize.

1 Hints about Your Lifestyle

The thing is, there are things your profile pictures say about you that you absolutely do not want them to say. One thing your profile picture can do is give hints about your lifestyle. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Your profile picture could say you like to go out clubbing, are totally into yoga or are an outdoor enthusiast. You need to think about if your profile picture is giving the message you want it to give.

2 If You’re in a Relationship

Your profile picture can tell others if you are in a happy, committed relationship. That’s very easy to see if it's a picture of you and your guy with your arms entwined and your lips locked. But if you have a picture of yourself with a guy friend or even your brother, that could be misleading. People that don’t know the dude in the picture may think you're in a relationship when in fact, you're totally single.

3 Clues about Your Personal Interests

There are usually clues about your personal interests in some of your profile pictures. You may be photographed rock-climbing, surrounded by your favorite books or even rollerblading. There's nothing wrong with any of those things. It is just a different perspective to consider. It's good to think about what your profile pictures are saying about you.

4 If You’re Confident

Most people can see if someone is confident or insecure by looking at their profile picture. A confident person usually has a bright smile and faces the camera head on. They may change their profile picture often because they're happy with their picture. An insecure person may only have one profile picture because they don't like any others. They may even have a profile picture that is something other than a picture of them!

5 Plain Jane or Artistic

You can often tell if someone is on the plain Jane side of photography or if they have artistic flair. A person can be lovely and altogether beautiful in both settings. The difference is that a person with a creative personality may not be satisfied with quick selfies. They may take care in choosing the backdrop, outfit, and pose. Another hint they are artistic is they may crop their photos or play with the camera angle.

6 If You’re Girly or Tomboyish

If you're always posting pictures of yourself fishing, hunting and going mudding, you're giving a tomboy image. If you're always posting pictures of yourself with perfect makeup and very feminine clothes (hello, fashionista!), you're giving off a girly image. Both are perfectly acceptable and part of what make you your unique and beautiful self. If you're happy with it, that's all that matters!

7 How You Feel about Yourself

I honestly think this one is a bit sad. Sometimes it shows in profile pictures that a person doesn’t feel good about themselves or they may have low self-confidence. They may hide behind others in pictures. They may only post pictures of their faces because they don’t like their entire body or only post pics from one angle. If this is you, love yourself and be confident!

These are 7 things your profile picture can say about you. Was this enlightening to you? Does it make you think of your profile picture differently?

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