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This is How to Always Sound Polished and Professional ...

By Neecey

Your speech is one of the factors that contributes to the impression you leave on people. You can look fabulous, dress very well, but how you speak will either enhance or weaken the judgment made on these external features. It’s pointless being immaculately groomed and well put together if it is all spoilt as soon as you open your mouth. And this isn’t about your accent. This is about cadence, delivery and the words you use. This is what to do is you want to be polished in your speech.

1 Be Aware of What You Actually Sound like to Others

person, singer, singing, hair, hairstyle, facial hair, Does, voice, One of the best tips for how to be polished in your speech is definitely to record yourself saying a few sentences so you have an idea of what you actually sound like when you are speaking to others. We all sound different in our own heads compared to the how our friends and peers hear us, so having a comfort and grasp of how your voice comes across is good knowledge to have. It could lead to you slightly changing it to sound more polished.

2 Get Rid of the Annoying Teenage Sounding Uptalk

person, woman, UghAs, uanAsifi, UGh, That something that can really distinguish a mature speaker from an immature speaker is getting out of the phase where everything you say sounds like a question. You know? The way that every sentence ends escalated like a question? It’s really annoying? Uptalk can often make it sound like you are unsure of what you are saying, and that does not scream professionalism.

3 Avoid Sounding like a Baby with a High Voice

person, human action, contact sport, arm, punch, When you are nervous, it can be very easy to slip back in to childhood and use that sort of babyish voice that you have grown out of by tightening your larynx. To relax your talking muscles before going in to big meeting or interview, you should have a good old karaoke style sing song, it will help to loosen all of the vital speech muscles and you will have much more mature-sounding voice as a result.

4 Don’t Mimic Celebrities like the Kardashians. They Don’t Sound Polished!

V PAY, Eloqua, person, facial expression, emotion, You know that croaky, slow kind of LA drawl that all reality TV stars seem to have? It might sound kind of cool in a Hollywood setting, but if you try to replicate that in more professional setting, you will end up looking and sounding really silly. Clear and crisp is the way forward, not croaky and throaty!

5 Make the Effort to Speak Slowly so as to Not Stall or Stutter

person, hair, hairstyle, profession, you, In order to be as clear and make as much sense as possible when talking to new people, train yourself to speak a notch or two slower compared to when you are chatting with friends. Speaking a touch slower allows you to pronounce your words more effectively and also gives people a better chance to really absorb what you are saying.

6 Train Yourself to Eliminate Those Pesky Teenage Sounding Fillers

person, Um,, okay,, Once you get in to the habit of putting ‘like’ ‘um’ and ‘erm’ in the middle of every single sentence you utter, your speech drops from a professional level to a much more immature one. It can be really hard to kick the habit, but you will find that people take you much more seriously if you can complete sentences without including those annoying fillers.

7 Speak up! Make Sure You Make Yourself Heard

hair, hairstyle, blond, brown hair, Can, We all have that one friend who is super loud, but there are also those who are painfully shy and quiet when it comes to talking out loud. The truth is that the more confident you are in your noise level, the more people are going to pay attention to you and engage in your conversation. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you should shout! Just be confident in what you are saying and project well.

ivyshade is important as long as you don't sound annoying...

8 Speak of What You Know

eyewear, face, glasses, person, nose, Is it just me, or are those people who always have to argue and be right (even when they have no clue) just plain annoying? At the risk of sounding like an imbicile, make sure when joining or starting a conversation, you actually know what you're talking about. If not, just sit out and learn something new.

9 Consider Your Words

screenshot, Just because you have a high vocabulary, doesn't mean you have to use it. Simplifying words will usually work to your advantage as opposed to trying to sound smarter and more well-read by using large words.

10 Sound Attractive

person, speech, official, profession, No, don't go pulling out your sultry voice for this one. Instead, I mean use words and phrases that draw your listener in. Use a voice that's appealing rather than monotone and un-inviting. Using you're "active voice" will better hold your listeners attention and will make you sound better because you're actually engaged.

Our speech is often something we overlook when we think of how people perceive us or the impression we create. But it’s a powerful feature of your personality so be sure it reflects who you are/aspire to be.

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