17 Quotes to Reassure Jealous Women Who Think They're Psycho ...


17 Quotes to Reassure Jealous Women Who Think  They're Psycho ...
17 Quotes to Reassure Jealous Women Who Think  They're Psycho ...

It's natural to get jealous when a pretty girl smiles at your boyfriend or when a coworker gets a promotion that you wish you had yourself. Of course, that doesn't mean the feeling is easy to deal with. Here are a few quotes for women who get jealous easily:

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Jealousy Means You Care

Boys shouldn't get angry when you get jealous, because it means you're worried about losing him. You want him badly enough that you're willing to sound petty by letting your jealousy out.


Make Your Enemies Jealous

Instead of being jealous of everyone around you, you should aim to make them jealous of you. Live a life they'll wish they were living themselves.


Count Your Blessings

If your jealousy is making you sick to your stomach, there's an easy solution. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, you should focus on what you do have.


Jealous of You

Don't be jealous of the women around you. Be jealous of yourself. After all, you're pretty darn amazing.


You're Just Territorial

No one can blame you for getting pissed off when another girl flirts with your boyfriend. He's your boyfriend, after all. Not her's.


Jealousy Means You're Doing Things Right

If other people are jealous of you, you're doing things right. If you're jealous of them, they must be doing something right, which means you can learn from them.


Jealousy Isn't Attractive

Even though it's normal to get jealous from time to time, you don't want it to take over your life. It's not an attractive trait.


Jealousy Won't Make You Any Happier

Getting mad at your friend for finding a boyfriend first isn't going to make you feel any better. Be happy for her instead.


Lack of Self-confidence

Why do you wish you looked more like another woman? It's because you don't think you look good enough. Well, that mindset has to stop, because you're beautiful just the way you are.


The Little Stuff Matters

Don't think you're being silly, because you get jealous over super small things. Sometimes, the small things matter the most.


Don't Become a Monster

Jealousy is fine in moderation, but you don't want it to get out of control. If it does, you might turn into someone you don't want to be.


Replace Jealousy with Admiration

Instead of being mad that someone has what you want, you should admire them. View them as a role model instead of an enemy.


Never Find Someone like Me

I doesn't matter how pretty or smart you are. You have heart and that's all that matters.


Pursue Your Passion

You won't be jealous of your friends if you're out living the life you want to live. Follow your dreams.


Boys Get Jealous, Too

You're not the only one who gets jealous. Your man might not want to admit it, but he gets jealous too from time to time.


What's Yours is Yours

It's natural to want to keep what's yours. Everybody feels the same way.


Your Boyfriend Shouldn't Make You Jealous

You shouldn't be with a man who tries to make you jealous. Be with a man who makes other people jealous.

There's nothing wrong with jealousy, as long as you don't go overboard. Do you get jealous easily?

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I get jealous sometimes with my bf, over stuff I haven't even got control over :/

Actually if you feel jealous just imagine how fantastic your life is going to be when you decide that it is one of those things and enjoy your own life!💫

Couldn't agree more 👍🏻

Why I can't read the rest?

I totally agree and like these quotes. They make you ponder about jealousy and how you are acting towards it..

Jealousy is part of us but it comes along and then it goes but if it stays for too long festering then Houston we have a problem....

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