8 Important Items to Keep from Your Childhood ...


8 Important Items to Keep from Your Childhood ...
8 Important Items to Keep from Your Childhood ...

Knowing which things to keep from your childhood can be tricky, especially if your parents have lovingly stored every drawing you ever made. The problem is that if you aren't selective, you can find yourself with far too many things to keep from your childhood. Not everything is worth hanging on to, even if you have the space. So here are some suggestions on the most important things to keep from your childhood …

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Embarrassing teenage photos should probably be destroyed, unless you have the ability to laugh at yourself. Photos of your younger self, though, should always be kept, especially if you look cute in them. Once thrown away, they can't be replaced, and it's also a good idea to digitise them for safekeeping.


Favourite Toy

I'm not a cuddly toy kind of girl, but I will admit to keeping my favourite childhood toy. I could never throw him away! He was a present for my first birthday, and accompanied me everywhere, even to the Tower of London (but that's another story). If you too have a toy that never left your side, hang on to it, it's precious. This is one of those things to keep from your childhood you'll treasure always!



One important thing to keep from your childhood is your favourite book, or set of books. Some of the books we loved and read over and over again are no longer in print, and it would be great to be able to share them with your own kids. Even if they are still on sale, there´s nothing like that dog-eared copy you remember from your childhood.



Games are another thing that are often still in shops, but do hang on to any you really enjoyed playing. Only do so if they are complete, however – it's no use keeping something with important pieces missing! Sometimes it's good to let out your inner child – and they'd probably love to play with their old games again.


Newspaper Clippings

Did you ever get in the newspaper as a child? Things like newspaper clippings featuring you are worth keeping, as they are a fun reminder of what you did. Save them in a scrapbook or, like photos, digitise them to keep them safe. You could even frame them if you really want to show off.

Famous Quotes

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Treasured Gifts

Some items we treasure because they were given to us by a favourite relative, for example, who is no longer with us. These are important keepsakes, as they remind us of someone we loved. The item itself may not be useful, but the memories associated with it are irreplaceable. Sentimental value is something to consider when you're choosing which things to keep from your childhood.


These treasured gifts are not mere objects, but vessels of nostalgia that hold stories of laughter, comfort, and kinship. Nestling that stuffed animal or tattered book close can transport you back in time, offering a hug from the past when days seem grey. So, when sifting through your childhood mementos, listen to the whispers of those cherished memories and let them guide you towards what you should embrace as part of your journey forward. Remember, these gifts are tangible links to your heritage, embodying the love and legacy of those who have shaped you.


Items with Memories

As I've mentioned above, some items are worth keeping because they have memories associated with them. Perhaps they remind you of a great holiday, or somewhere you lived. If the memory is important, then keep the item to remind you. Some people use textiles, such as clothing or blankets, to make something new if the original is worn out, thus keeping the memories intact.


These sentimental keepsakes can be repurposed creatively as well. For instance, those old concert t-shirts you just can't part with might become part of a cozy quilt. It's about maintaining a connection to those special moments in a functional way. Transforming your treasures keeps them out of storage and integrates them into your daily life, allowing the joy they represent to continue. And as each day passes, these items transform into not only tokens of your past but also cherished heirlooms that can be passed down to the next generation, continuing the narrative of your unique history.


Amusing Items

Finally, things you should keep from your childhood are anything that makes you laugh. There's really nothing like picking up an old possession and having a good giggle at what it makes you remember! Whether this is a photo, book or toy, hang onto anything that amuses you (things you wrote back as a child can be hilarious as an adult …). In this category, a diary from your teens years might be one of the things to keep from your childhood.

Although there are some things you should keep from your childhood, it's not necessary to keep every last drawing or cuddly toy. Some things should be discarded, and others passed on to new homes. Keep those things that are most meaningful. What do you think are the most important things you should keep from your childhood?

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Another good reason to keep games is that they are EXPENSIVE now...it is crazy to go into a toy store and look at how much board games are selling for!

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