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I've been searching All Women Stalk, Pinterest, and dozens of decorating blogs and articles to find tips for decorating a new home, because Heather and I are moving! We finally have lots of space and the ability to do what we want to with it – so guess what we did first? We got overwhelmed! Whether you're renting a home but have the freedom to decorate or own your own place and get to do what you want, decorating can quickly overwhelm you! You want to do everything all at once, but that leads to going over budget and getting burned out on all your different projects. Because I want all of you to be as happy, excited, and prepared as I (finally!) am, here are the best tips for decorating a new home that I've been able to find!

1. What's Your Design Aesthetic?

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One of the most important tips for decorating a new home involves picking out your favorite aesthetic. Do you want a sleek, modern room that contains geometric shapes and sharp angles? Perhaps you want something more contemporary, with softer edges, or an art deco blend of cool funk? Whether you want a country motif or an eclectic Boho style, you have to pick different aesthetics for your rooms first.

2. Pick Your Color Palette

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Then you have to decide on the right colors. If you only know that you like purple, for instance, you can choose to decorate in varying shades, such as lilac with darker eggplant, or you can go with complementary colors. I've always thought dark purple and a lighter shade look lovely next to chocolate and cream. I suggest you take a look at an expansive color wheel as well, to pick out shades that complement one another.

3. Look for What You like

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Spend time on AWS looking for design ideas. Take a few hours and devote them to a Pinterest search for decor ideas you love. It's time well spent, because you can see what sorts of things you like, what sorts of accessories you have to have, and how you'd like to design your own rooms.

4. DIY What You Can

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Pinterest also gives you lots of DIY pointers, which are helpful when you're on a budget. Want a kitchen island? Larger ones cost about $500 – or you can spend $50-$100 on an old dresser and fashion your own island! There are tons of great ideas, not to mention inspirational designs, which might help you decide exactly what you want to do in your new place.

5. Paint Smart

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If it's possible (and you're allowed), I'd start painting before you move in most of your furniture. Accent walls are fantastic, so if that's all you have to do, pick the colors – but that's not all. Have fun with painter's tape! Creating an accent wall with stripes or crosshatches or even diamonds and diagonals is an excellent way to breathe life and excitement into your room!

6. Decorate One Room at a Time

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Decorating can be overwhelming. Once you've painted and you're ready to really get down to decorating, stick to one room at a time. That way you won't be running around buying different things for three different rooms. Doing that is an excellent way to go over budget or completely burn yourself out. You might get bored, then you're left with three half decorated rooms. Sticking to one at a time gives you the opportunity to decorate one room completely, take a break, then move onto the next.

7. Choose Statement Accessories

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Remember that sometimes the smallest details make the largest impacts. Choosing statement pieces is a great way to add lots of zazz to your space without having to spend a fortune. Out of this world lampshades, brightly colored throw pillows, or wildly patterned rugs and drapes add lots of brilliance and vibrant color to your rooms. Don't forget about wall prints, knickknacks, and vases as well! Just because something is small doesn't mean it won't be eye catching.

8. From the Window to the Walls

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Speaking of your drapes, window treatments go a long way! Never underestimate your curtains' ability to bring together the whole feel of the room. Whether you pick out one bold color, an interesting pattern, or a complementary print, make sure your drapes somehow fit in with your overall design scheme.

9. The Carpets Don't Match the Drapes

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But you know what? Your carpet doesn't have to match your drapes. Tee hee! Creating complements and contrasts is the way to go, especially if you want a bold, eye catching room. Go with patterned rugs and solid curtains or vice versa, but make sure they contrast without fighting with each other. There should be flow with just a little bit of friction.

10. Smoke and Mirrors

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In smaller spaces, mirrors are your best friends. Even if you simply want to open up your room, make sure you make smart use of mirrors. Create a mirrored mosaic or a display with different mirrors and picture frames. Breaking them up into smaller pieces isn't as overwhelming as, say, a floor length mirror or unframed tiles.

Decorating your new place should be fun. Even if you can't paint the walls, put up wallpaper, or make drastic changes, you can still do a lot. You can do wonderful things even if you're on a shoestring budget! Just remember these tips, keep a clear head, and don't try to do too much at once. What are some of your tips for decorating a new space?

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