10 Essential Tips for Decorating a New Home ...


I've been searching All Women Stalk, Pinterest, and dozens of decorating blogs and articles to find tips for decorating a new home, because Heather and I are moving! We finally have lots of space and the ability to do what we want to with it – so guess what we did first? We got overwhelmed! Whether you're renting a home but have the freedom to decorate or own your own place and get to do what you want, decorating can quickly overwhelm you! You want to do everything all at once, but that leads to going over budget and getting burned out on all your different projects. Because I want all of you to be as happy, excited, and prepared as I (finally!) am, here are the best tips for decorating a new home that I've been able to find!

1. What's Your Design Aesthetic?

One of the most important tips for decorating a new home involves picking out your favorite aesthetic. Do you want a sleek, modern room that contains geometric shapes and sharp angles? Perhaps you want something more contemporary, with softer edges, or an art deco blend of cool funk? Whether you want a country motif or an eclectic Boho style, you have to pick different aesthetics for your rooms first.

Pick Your Color Palette
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