7 Cute Ways to Use Pastel Interiors ...


7 Cute Ways to Use Pastel Interiors ...
7 Cute Ways to Use Pastel Interiors ...

Have you seen the explosion of pastel interiors recently?! From pretty vintage pieces to geometric shapes in feminine new tones, pastel colors from rosy hues to sugary blues are definitely an interior designer hit. Whether you want to give a room a quick update or cover a room in spring-like beauty, here’s the best ways to rock the pastel interiors look.

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Feminine Kitchens…

Feminine Kitchens… This has to be one of my favorite pastel interiors looks – a feminine, fresh kitchen. Kitchens have been everywhere from monochrome to geometric and quirky, but this is something unusual and fresh. Add a touch of pink to your kitchen by opting for a pale pink and white wallpaper. Small details like pale pink fresh flowers in the window, rose bowls and pinks tea-towels will play up the color, and keep big furniture items such as tables and cupboards a balanced white. You can rock this look with any pastel shade, but I love the gentle pink vibe!


Love Old Things…

Love Old Things… We are always being told how great it is to have unique furniture, rescued by hand from a charity shop and painstakingly made into something new and brilliant…but if you don’t have time for that, this is a much simpler way to get the same effect. Collect (or buy!) some wooden chairs. For maximum quirkiness, go for chairs with slightly different designs on the back. They don’t need to be expensive! Next, invest in spray paint. You’ll want something bold! I love bright pink or bright green. You’ll also want a paler color for the wall behind. Next, spray paint the chairs! Add some comfy cushions in various shades of pink onto the seats of the chairs, along with a bunch of colorful flowers, and you’ve got a unique, modern and very striking dining area.



C0ntrasts… Using two contrasting pastel shades is a great way to add a bit of punch to your room. I love this aqua room, which uses gold accents perfectly. Add a touch of luxury to your bedroom by opting for aqua bed skirts, pillows and lamps, and gold clocks, vintage-inspired furniture and curtains. Finishing touches like bunches of white roses (silk ones are much easier to look after!) will finish this look perfectly. This contrast scheme looks great using magenta and lime green, too, for a bolder, brighter finish.


Mix Colors…

Mix Colors… If you’ve got a fairly neutral color scheme at the moment, give it an instant update with pops of various pastel shades. Photo frames can easily be found in pastel colors, or invest in a few wooden frames in different sizes and spray paint them. Keep them all the same shape for a cohesive look! Pillows in various textures and colors will brighten up your sofa, and a pale pastel rug is an extra burst of color. Then finish the look with details such as colorful vases, and pale curtains. I love this yellow chair, too – it’s a great way to incorporate a vintage-beach feel into the room.



Classy… I love this classic take on pastels – there’s something about this gorgeous color scheme that is just so welcoming. Replicate the look by choosing a pastel shade, and opting for a few items from various shades of that color. In this look, the mid-blue armchair and jug are at one end of the scale, while the pale tinted-blue glass table and lilac curtains are at the other. Join them together with a collection of different pillows spread across the sofa, and a pretty throw. A thick rug or carpet and some fresh flowers completes the luxury look perfectly. Love.


French Modern…

French Modern… I love this very French take on pastel colors – it’s stunning, and very different! Start with a strong pastel color painted on the walls, and brighten it up with some intricate and very striking yellow chairs. I love the oriental shape of these chairs, and the gorgeous architecture! Wall lighting shaped like traditional candles, gold candlesticks on the table, and a gold vase full of colorful flowers complement the look perfectly, and I love the circular chandelier and round mirror – modern accessories suit this room perfectly. Even the carpet makes a statement…I’ll definitely be planning a room like this!


Just a Hint…

Just a Hint… Want an easy way to get a hint of the pastel interiors look, but without reverting to cushions and flowers? Try this contemporary look. Paint or line the inside of black cabinets and furniture with a bold shade of paint, and use gentle lighting to lift and illuminate the color. A few very bright pink armchairs, used interchangeably with the usual furniture, adds a very cohesive look. It’s just perfect for vintage rooms like above – play down the pastel by opting for white flowers, or even using a contrasting color such as red along with the pink.

Inspiration for pastel interiors is everywhere, and it’s a great look to build – there’s so many ways to do it! I’ve already been collecting brightly colored candles, cushions and rugs, and even simple ideas like hanging big pastel bead necklaces on the wall as decorations can have a devastatingly chic effect. Are you tempted to give your home a pastel update? Let me know your plans!

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The pictures are what i want my house to look like

Wow I love pastels :)

I love pastel colors

the cover photo is Xiaxue's new house! :3

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