8 Interesting Interior Decorating Ideas ...

Interior decorating ideas don’t always have to be a safe bet, they don’t have to involve a lot of matchy-matchy stuff or expensive purchases! Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Well, let’s talk decorating tips! Find an interior decorating idea you love below and enjoy turning your new house or apartment into a happy, beautifully decorated home.

1. Classic & Modern Mix-up

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Sharing interior decorating ideas with a dear friend of mine is always a fun, not to mention extremely rewarding experience! And I must admit that classic and modern mix-ups are what she does best! “Classic shape – modern color/material” and “modern shape classic color/material” are two rules she goes by and my advice for you is to definitely give it a try! Refresh your very serious-looking, classic furniture not by choosing vintage or antiqued accents that will enhance its museum-like appearance but details that aren’t the safest nor the most conventional match but do look good in the place nevertheless. Pink chandelier, anyone? Why not!

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